Feng Shui 2021: Forecast, Lucky directions

career and money horoscope feng shui year 2021

In the workplace, the year kua 6 of 2021 is the period during which one feels prepared to put into practice the new professional skills acquired to move on to another stage in terms of career. however, caution is still required in the face of these new responsibilities, because any recklessness or clumsiness can lead to the early departure of a valued employee, or the challenge to an established professional status. it can also be regret after a bad decision and that will take time to correct. at the wallet level, the metal indicates a gradual and significant gain compared to previous years or, conversely, in the event of significant risk-taking (risky investment, gambling), a drop in income that requires a recalculation of the daily household budget.

love horoscope feng shui year 2021

in love, 2021 is particularly conducive to lightning, passionate love and absolute love and sensual compatibility. Due to the speed with which love relationships can take place during the kua 6 year, it is not surprising that some of the fusional adventures started in 2021 have an ephemeral nature. In addition, the possibility of irreconcilable disputes can also be a source of emotional shocks whose psychological meaning must be anticipated. it depends on the closest friends to remain available in case of sentimental rupture. Regarding already established couples, it is better to refrain from issuing the slightest criticism of the couple in 2021, especially if this has the effect of highlighting one of their flaws. because it can insidiously distill in your mind the idea that a separation is possible, despite the start of joint projects or the burning desire to expand the family.

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health and diet feng shui horoscope 2021

precautions to take during the passage of the year 2021 in the kua 6 house: regarding diet, reduce the amount of sugar in your drinks, dishes and desserts (cook your own meals). When you can’t go without sugar, use natural sweeteners that are healthier than white or brown sugar, such as honey, agave syrup, stevia, or maple syrup.

It is advised for people born during a 3 kua year to redouble their vigilance during the 6 kua year of 2021 and to scrupulously respect the principles of feng shui advised during this period.

2021 feng shui horoscope: in a nutshell

In its most negative dimension, feng shui year 2021 can lead individuals sensitive to the metal element to show sufficiency, irascibility before orders, favor materialism or deviate from spiritual values, as well as a tendency to want to impose their truths on others. others. they can also vehemently defy the presence of limits in their living environment and strive to control everything around them. Therefore, during the 6 kua year, it is always advisable to use discernment and logic to remain firmly rooted in reality and avoid any kind of excess that can have unfortunate consequences if careless.

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➔ personality horoscope of kua number 9

kua year 6 (2021) and lo shu magic square

according to the rules of yi jing (i ching, 易經), every feng shui new year, that is, every February 4, the 9 flying stars change sectors within the standard lo shu square. consequently, the central number of the magic square of the 9 flying stars in 2021 is, like that of the kua year, the number 6.

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➔ kua number and lo shu square: how it works

2021 bagua square and lo shu standard square

The numbers in the kua 6 year magic square correspond to the numbers assigned to each of the 9 flying stars in 2021 (left diagram below), while the numbers in the standard lo shu square, always fixed, are those of each sector of the house (right diagram below). For their part, the flying stars are mobile and change sectors every new feng shui year, taking a new position within the lo shu magic square.

blue: lucky flying star red: unlucky flying star

lucky directions 2021 – feng shui tips

how to activate or neutralize each sector of my home in 2021?

We suggest you discover below a 6 year bagua reading grid, linking each sector of the standard lo shu square with each of the 9 flying stars, according to the positions that the latter occupy during the feng shui year 2021. In addition to the main characteristics associated with each sector and each flying star, you will find the resulting adapted feng shui 2021 tips, to activate and strengthen, or on the contrary neutralize, each area of ​​your house.

feng shui tips 2021

to go deeper into this topic

what kua number am i?

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In feng shui, the kua (bagua) number of your year of birth plays a determining role. Once you know your birth Kua number, you can fine-tune the feng shui energy enhancers, cures, and remedies that best suit your home in 2021, relative to the lucky directions set by the flying stars of that same year.

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☯ kua number calculator

if you already know your birth kua and your home kua:🍀 choosing the best location for each room

flying stars

The 9 Flying Stars are one of the most popular feng shui methods for determining the most auspicious annual directions for your home. Combined with the Kua number of your year of birth, the flying stars allow you to decide which areas and rooms in your home to activate or avoid during the feng shui year. the lucky or unlucky directions depend on the annual position of the flying stars (and their antagonistic entities, the harmful stars). The link to Karmaweather’s article below allows you to delve deeper into this topic that we begin to address here.

💫 current year flying stars forecast

damaging stars

please note that we do not indicate on this page the position of the 4 harmful stars (grand duke jupiter, the year switch, the three kills, the yellow five). harmful stars rarely occupy an entire area. knowledge of its coordinates allows fine-tuning the rules of occupation of an area of ​​your house. in fact, if, for example, the entire southern sector can be beneficial in a given year, one of the 3 zones that make up this sector can be occupied by one of the harmful stars, which consequently reduces the activation zone of this sector. each feng shui year, we indicate the position of the harmful stars in our article dedicated to annual flying stars (link above).

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