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what is feng shui

Literally, the word feng shui (pronounced fung shway) means wind-water. is an ancient Chinese science that creates balance and harmony in life & work spaces, so that your life force energy or ch’i (pronounced chee) flows, increasing your prosperity, health and happiness.

feng shui works with:

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  • five elements (wood, earth, fire, metal and water)
  • yin and yang
  • the bagua
  • more harmonious furniture & space fixes
  • special “cures” or solutions to fix problems with your living and working space, as well as the outside environment.

Consider the balance of nature and how good it feels in the mountains, by a river, or in a flower garden. this is the feeling that feng shui can help you achieve within your own environment.

In part, feng shui uses our common sense. clean up clutter, get rid of old and unused items, and create a more peaceful environment. but of course feng shui goes much further.

There are visible and invisible energies that have an effect on you. the floor plan of your home, the land and buildings surrounding your home or office, the placement of furniture, and the alignment of doors are just a few examples of feng shui issues.

There are also symbolic things that can block our flow. for example, a toilet seat lid that stays open can mean money is being thrown at you. dead plants can stagnate the ch’i and thus stall your progress.

Sometimes negative energy can come from an unseen source, like bad vibes from a former tenant or electrical vibes from a power company. For every “negative” energy, feng shui has a cure or solution.

Actually, feng shui is not that difficult to practice and a perfect feng shui 2022 house arrangement is not impossible to obtain. the more you do it, the better you become. you learn to develop a sense of the visible and invisible energies that have an effect on you.

feng shui uses an eight-sided or mandela pattern called a ba-gua (translation: 8 symbols hanging there). each section represents a certain area of ​​your life, such as career, benefactors, children, money, marriage, etc.

By overlaying the pattern on your home plan, you can identify sections that affect different areas of your life. (When applying the ba-gua symbol to your home design, the front door is always considered the main entrance, even if you don’t use it.)

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If the garage is attached to the house, it should be included in the design. some houses have missing extensions or sections when placing the bagua over the design.

feng shui has cures that can revitalize or enhance these sections. each side of the ba-gua also represents a different element (water, earth, etc.), as well as the color, and these are things that we can take into account when decorating our home.

bad feng shui home arrangement (sha)

  • clutter
  • dusty, unused, or broken items
  • bed directly under a window
  • broken windows, screens, doors
  • exposed nails in walls
  • water leaks or leaks in ceiling
  • exposed beams
  • door at end of long hallway
  • aggressive corners
  • slanted walls
  • front and back doors lined up
  • stove under a window
  • staircase leading to the front door.

the 9 minor additions: remove negative feng shui from your home

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Once any sha has been identified, you can apply feng shui remedies and cures that will eliminate the flow of negative energy. clean up clutter, throw out the trash, get rid of things you’re not using, fix broken windows, etc.

For things like exposed beams, placement of furniture or appliances that cannot be moved, use an appropriate feng shui cure to restore and energize the ch’i.

These are called the 9 minor additions:

  • shiny objects (mirrors, crystals, and lights)
  • colors
  • sounds (wind chimes, bells, music)
  • vital life force (plants, fish, pets)
  • kinetic energy (water fountains, fans, windmills, flags, wind)
  • heavy objects (statues, sculptures, rocks)
  • electrical energy (appliances, computers, televisions, stereos)
  • symbols (bamboo flutes, the ba-gua, forms corresponding to the elements, symbolic forms such as an angel in the marriage or relationship area).
  • other additions (flags, curtains, incense fragrances, pictures, rugs)

For example, if your bed is under a window and you can’t move it, hang a faceted crystal ball 9 units (inches, cm, etc.) from the ceiling in front of the window. what about exposed beams?

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A Chinese bamboo flute hanging from a beam transforms negative energy into positive. You can use the 9 minor additions to fix negative feng shui, energize certain sections of your home, and improve the flow of ch’i.

the three secrets

once you put your cures or solutions in place, they need to be reinforced by the three secrets, which is to use body, speech and mind while putting the cure in place.

For example, after hanging a crystal or mirror, you can use your mind to visualize a clear image of the improvement you’d like to see happen. As you do this, use your body by keeping your hands together in a prayer position.

and use your speech by chanting a prayer, affirmation or mantra nine times. (The number 9 is important in feng shui.)

master thomas lin-yun believes that by placing a feng shui cure in an area, it improves the area by 10%. but when reinforced with all three secrets, it is 120% reinforced.

feng shui for the main entrance & other areas

The main entrance is an important area and must be kept free of obstacles and obstructions. for example, if there is a wall that blocks the view of the rest of the house when you enter your home, this can block the flow of ch’i, creating obstacles. stand at your door, looking inward.

How do you feel? are there obstructions? Is there a ladder or a column? Is there something facing the door (such as a desk or angled wall)? move what you can and soften the immovable and aggressive corners with plants or fabric tapestries.

or you can put up a cool screen… fold it into a cup shape so the corners don’t generate negative energy. the front of the ba-gua (hence the front of your house) is associated with water.

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in 2022 (Chinese year of the tiger), hanging images of water, such as the beach, lakes and rivers, help honor this element.

A running fountain or aquarium in the front of your house also helps the ch’i flow beautifully. By hanging a bamboo flute above the front door indoors, it will bring you blessings & your guests every time you enter or leave your house.

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by discovering what area of ​​the house affects the different types of activities in our lives, we can make things that enhance and honor these areas.

learns each section, along with the color and element associated with it. For example, for a woman who is having trouble getting pregnant, I would first locate which area of ​​her home represents children.

You could then place white flowers in that room (taking care to remove all dead leaves and flower buds), hang a feng shui crystal, bring in metal wind chimes, or add more light to that area.

Cleaning up the clutter, dusty items, and broken things in this room would be a great start to restoring more harmony, making it easier to conceive.

It is also very important to consider the exterior of the house. houses that are on a bay are said to deplete the energy of the occupants. Homes at the end of a dead end street or dead end can affect your financial, physical, and spiritual abundance.

Dried plants or dead trees on your property are bad for your health. when your house faces a t-intersection or a graveyard, you can block the ch’i. Many times, simply placing an 8-sided mirror on the outside of your home can make a big difference.

Feng Shui is a sacred philosophy and should be practiced respectfully. if you’re going to use his methods, do so seriously, rather than take a light-hearted, humorous approach.

The intention you put behind your actions is very important, so use a very positive and hopeful energy when applying feng shui cures.

starts simple. tackle the area that represents what is most urgent in your life right now, one step at a time, and when you see the results, your energy will soar. you’re inspired to tackle more areas of your home or workspace.

Although this article contains good information on feng shui, it is only the beginning.

You would be doing yourself a favor if you studied feng shui and knew the purpose behind each cure or action. For the best results, information, and experience, consult a feng shui consultant.

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