Feng Shui 2022: la decoración que armoniza la energía

In terms of decoration and colors there is a wide variety of styles, trends and even philosophies that associate the design of spaces with well-being, pleasure and positive emotionality. We tell you the news of feng shui 2022 to spend the year of the tiger with very good vibes.

It is in this look at the decoration and organization of space that feng shui gains prominence with proposals that go beyond the arrangement of furniture and objects to think of environments from much more comprehensive and holistic places.

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we tell you are the lucky colors of feng shui 2022 for the year of the water tiger, according to the precepts of the Chinese horoscope and the 5 elements

que es el feng shui

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feng shui: decoration and energy for 2022

Feng shui is an ancient oriental philosophy whose main objective is to seek the perfect harmony in each home environment, combining furniture, objects and colors based on its five essential elements : earth, water, wood, metal and fire.

By arranging these elements in the recommended way, it will be possible to achieve the general well-being and harmony that is so necessary in times of pandemic and a lot of stress.

what is feng shui: keys to 2022

Although many have heard of feng shui, they have often been confused about its meaning because there are as many definitions as there are specialists. Is it an art, a philosophy or a science? Is it an interior design technique? is it esoteric? Is it used to cleanse the house of bad energies and attract good luck? There are many questions and many answers.

To begin to clarify them, according to connoisseurs, the best definition of what feng shui is is the following: it is “the art of ‘assessing’ the quality of life through observation and the analysis of the environment that surrounds people.”

origin of feng shui

Originally from China and with more than 4,000 years of history, feng shui was adapted to modern life and today proposes to harmonize interior design with the outside world and architecture, promoting harmony and balance between the environment and everything that which surrounds it.

This practice, applied to decoration, teaches how to turn negatives into positives by managing order, colors and materials in a very particular way

feng shui limpieza energetica

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According to this philosophy, everything in the world is connected by a flow of energy, called chi, which should not be interrupted or hindered. the goal is for this force to flow through the integration of yin and yang.

feng shui is the art of ‘assessing’ the quality of life by observing and analyzing the environment around people

feng shui trends 2022

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For the Orientals, feng shui is a discipline that is taken very seriously and with very rigid patterns. but, in the West, this practice is more adapted to the uses and customs of each country, but each year the trends are renewed.

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2022 is the year of the water tiger. Therefore, to achieve better harmony in the home, you can take into account the following recommendations.

lucky colors 2022 according to feng shui

The lucky colors of 2022, associated with both the wood, water, fire and earth elements as well as the yang polarity of the year of the tiger, are aqua mint green and cerulean blue. in second place will be fiery red and intense yellow, close to gold. is the imperial color.

according to feng shui 2022, these are the powerful colors of the year, indicated to attract fortune and enhance the luck of those who wear them

2022 feng shui decoration trends

We tell you what the experts on the subject recommend:

  • Placing some paintings in the bedroom with the earth element is one of the basic tips to achieve a better rest. They can be drawings or paintings of mountains, deserts, fields, flowers, plants, etc.
  • To attract and stabilize the energy, it is recommended to place objects that are related to this element, such as vases, pots or jewelry boxes. clay, terracotta or rustic ceramics.
  • another option is to place the photos in portrait frames that are made of wood.

When it comes to shapes, feng shui suggests placing cubic, square, or rectangular shapes on both objects and furniture. It is the best way to harmonize and enhance good vibes.

feng shui para que sirve

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the colors of feng shui in 2022

Regarding the tones that can positively influence the new year, feng shui that begins its new year according to Chinese philosophy on February 1, 2022, advises adding colors and elements that are related to the element that governs the year.

as it is the year of the buffalo or metal ox, the colors that will best make beneficial energies flow are gray, silver and white. these are invigorating and energizing colors.

in turn, as the earth element is intimately linked with the buffalo, you must also add the colors brown, yellow, ocher, which are perfect for harmonizing environments.

The element of water is also present in 2022 in a secondary way, but not less important for that. mixing colors such as blue, light blue and green is ideal to access spaces that provide serenity, peace and tranquility that are so necessary at certain times of the day.

the colors that will represent the year 2022 of the metal ox are white, gray and silver

To attract luck in an “earth year”, the colors that feng shui recommends are brown, bright yellow, beige, brown, orange, earthy tones of sand . and the colors that will provide balance and protection this coming 2021 will be green and red.

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feng shui colores

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feng shui for the bedroom

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Feng shui in the bedroom is essential to achieve harmony and promote good rest. To ensure that the vital energy chi flows correctly, you must be very attentive to the optimal placement of the elements .

The location of the bed, the furniture, the mirrors and even the color of the room have a positive or negative impact and favor or not the conciliation of sleep and a good rest, according to this philosophy. some keys to enhance well-being:

  • take care of the vital energy, the shi: it is soft and is in continuous movement. to keep it that way, the furniture has to be placed in a certain way.
  • the shape of the room: it should be square or rectangular. it is the geometry that corresponds to the earth element, it provides greater stability and balance to the chi.
  • location of the bed: it is the crucial point in a bedroom, since it requires yin energy for a good rest. doors and windows represent movement and light (yang), and walls or partitions without windows or doors are yin, implying stability and stillness. therefore, the headboard must have a wall or partition behind it without windows or doors. the bed should be away from the door. a bed facing the door blocks the flow of energy.
  • ceiling: nothing should be hung over the bed at bedtime. if necessary, it should be lightweight and the same color as the ceiling. the same goes for light fixtures or ceiling fans.
  • colors: white is the quintessential color for the room. although this year 2022 is essential if it is combined with the color gray.
  • Mirrors: have great weight at an energy level. It is not advisable to have more than two in the room. their location is vital: the rule indicates that they should never be placed in front of the bed or in such a place that reflects the image of the person while they rest.
  • plants: they are an essential element to achieve harmony and renew the oxygen of the place. They help reject and filter sha chi which is toxic energy. plants act as a protective barrier against noise, excessive heat and light, pollution and intrusive gazes. but they should be located near a window and avoid those with thorns or elongated leaves such as dracenas, yuccas, aralias.

feng shui colores

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feng shui to attract money

For feng shui, a good circulation of energy is key for a home economy to be prosperous. In addition to using the colors of the year of the metal buffalo, white, gray and silver, both in the home and in clothing and accessories, it is important to combine them with a touch of other colors that will promote good luck and fortune. some tips:

  • If you decorate your living room with gray or white armchairs, place blue, aqua green and cream colored paintings on the walls. or cushions with those colors.
  • You can also place vases or other ornaments with red or green, which are the other colors that herald a good year and help attract money to the home.
  • You can paint an orange or purple wall with a painting in yellow and ocher colors.
  • avoid mirrors in front of armchairs or beds where one can lie down.
  • and lastly according to feng shui, a clutter-free, vibrant and inspiring home attracts prosperity.
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feng shui energia y equilibrio

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lucky colors for 2022

as well as for the environments of the house the predominant colors will be white, gray and silver, the same goes for the clothes with which we dress. white clothing is a symbol of purity and combined with blue and green will enhance protection and balance.

As for the jewelry with which we decorate our body this year, priority should be given to metal, everything silver and gold plated will attract luck.

The corresponding jewel for this year is the diamond, although it is not very feasible to be able to use it daily, on a special occasion if you have a pendant, a ring or earring with this stone, it is the ideal year to show it off and attract good energy .

feng shui 2021 color blanco

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summary feng shui horoscope 2022

The year 2022 continues with a wave of widespread negativity. As for people who are sensitive to metal, they will have an irritable, irritating and reticent posture during the year. a tendency will be imposed to want to impose their reasons and truths as unique and to not respect the limits both in work and in the personal sphere.

In the coming year, a greater inclination towards material values ​​and less inclination towards spiritual ones is predicted.

In order to fight and deal favorably with this prognosis, experts recommend trying to return and stabilize centered on the axis and use discernment and logic at all times to stabilize frames of reality and avoid any excess that might occur. unfortunate or discovery episodes.

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