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A fresh coat of paint can help rejuvenate a worn home, and the beginning of the year is a great time to put this into practice. For colors that convey a sense of happiness in the home, we turned to grand master fengshui expert Tan Khoon Yong. after all, fengshui is the ancient art of harnessing good energy and has over 30 years of experience in the field.

What are the auspicious colors for 2017 to use at home? It is the year of the fire rooster, therefore green and blue (representations of wood and water, which favor the fire rooster). fire) are considered particularly auspicious. fill them in with yellow, brown and grey.

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what is the difference between cool and warm colors, in terms of fengshui principles? warm colors help enhance yang energy, while cool colors help enhance yin energy. In fengshui, achieving a balance between yin and yang is essential for a harmonious and prosperous home.

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how do we achieve it? the common spaces of the home should have colors that promote harmony. for example, the living room is the most energetic place in the house, so warm colors will boost yang energy and ensure a smooth flow of qi. the kitchen, on the other hand, should have cool colors to counteract the heat used during cooking.

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Are there any bad colors? no, but it is advisable to avoid conflicting colors such as red and black; the drastic contrast between the fire element (red) and the water element (black) can trigger disputes.

On a broader scale, what color can help maintain peace and stability in our nation? Grayish white will help promote peace, wealth, and prosperity in our country.

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