2016 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Dog

Chinese animal predictions of 2016 for the dog

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The year of the fire monkey begins on February 8, 2016 and looks promising for the dog if he is motivated. The natural instinct of dogs will play a big part in your results this year and they will be put to good use in the Year of the Monkey. Any dog ​​who has recently suffered grief or heartbreak should feel a breath of fresh air as the year begins to change his motivation and mood.

The working life of dogs can see the dog taking advantage of their skills and talents and can lead to recognition from their peers. Dogs that are well established in their current workplace should find that the Year of the Monkey offers them opportunities to change positions in the workplace and become involved in a different area or take on greater responsibilities. The dog that is established in a large company could be offered a transfer to another branch and if they decide to do so, they will have to discuss it with the family since a mutual agreement will be necessary or problems could arise.

Any dog ​​who feels they would be better suited at another company and also those seeking employment in general should find that once they get the wheel in motion and start making inquiries, a good position could soon follow in the year of application. bow. employment agencies can be very beneficial to the dog, so they should register and keep up with the progress. the dog could find himself working in a new line of work that can go very well thanks to the monkey years that favor personal development.

Dog finances will require some care this year as it looks to be an expensive year. There will be a lot of dogs making improvements and repairs to your home which could drain a lot of your finances and any dog ​​that decides to relocate or finalize the stages of moving home in the year of the monkey will need to budget carefully. trips look very promising for the dog this year and they should aim to set aside some money for this. the dog will still be able to enjoy the money from him and will be able to make good purchases when looking for a better price.

The dog will delight in the support he receives from others and should be able to get help in different areas of his life from family, friends and co-workers. there will be a few dogs getting their name put forward for a new position in the workplace this year and they should welcome the recommendation. It would be wise for the dog to spend time networking in her work life, as this could lead to recommendations and recognition in her work.

Your dog will need to pay some attention to his personal well-being this year and should consider spending some time on an exercise program and a healthier diet. If the dog is lacking in motivation or energy, he will have to take time to recharge his batteries as there is a risk of overwork and minor illnesses in the year of the monkey.

Personal interests seek to be a vital part of a dog’s life and can bring a lot of joy and relaxation to a dog’s life this year. The dog should spend time pursuing his personal interests and hobbies, as he can develop his hobbies to new levels and go far by trying something new in the year of the monkey.

dogs tend to enjoy a close circle of friends and will be able to enjoy time with a select few, although there is also the possibility that the dog will meet many new people and should remain open to new friends as some might become significant as the year of the monkey progresses. any dog ​​that has suffered a recent upset could brighten her feelings through new people, especially single dogs.

The home life of dogs can see a lot of activity and there will be many looking to progress their home with projects and improvements that can go well if they talk things over with other members of the household. the opinion and help of the dogs will be valued by others and they will be able to enjoy a good relationship at home.

Overall, this looks to be a productive and encouraging year for the dog with some good memories to be made. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

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your lucky sector: (astrological zone) is the northwest (292.5º – 307.5º) of the house or office. You can read about the Northwest in the 2016 Flying Star Analysis by clicking this link.

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metal dog

the metal dog likes to give 100% in his activities and plans, which will serve him well in the year of the monkey and allow him to carry out great plans.

The working life of metal dogs may see a lot of progress this year and there will be many who will find their responsibilities in the workplace increased through recent workplace endeavors. If the metal dog is looking to advance to a new level in his career this year, he will need to show initiative and show interest in a certain vacancy that he would like to fill.

Any metal dog who feels that this is a year of change and would like to move to a new place of work and also job seekers in general can look forward to some exciting opportunities in the year of the monkey. The metal dog will need to stay active in his job search and regularly research job openings and fields where his skills can be applied to increase his chances and speed up his job search, though he might soon find employment with a powerful company. the metal dog may find an opening at a large company this year for which he may feel too qualified; they should consider this position, as this could soon lead to increased liability.

Metal Dogs’ finances will require some care this year as there are likely to be many expenses in their life during the Year of the Monkey and they will need to set aside money for them early in the year. The metal dog should discover that if he carefully plans his expenses and researches offers and discounts, he could save a good sum of money this year.

The Metal Dog should spend some time on his personal interests and hobbies this year, as the Year of the Monkey favors personal development and can lead to some good opportunities for the Metal Dog to develop his skills to new levels; especially those with interests in sports.

the metal dog should consider personal well-being this year if he is inactive much of the day and should also think about his diet, as it can be a great investment for his future. If the metal dog isn’t feeling well this year, they shouldn’t delay getting it checked out.

the metal dog can receive a great deal of support and advice from others this year, especially when making decisions and will delight in the company of others who offer support. the metal dog can benefit from having many people supporting his corner during the year of the monkey. the metal dog can come into contact with many new people and build new relationships, friendships and contacts as the year progresses.

Metal Dogs tend to enjoy their own company and are not the most social people, although in the Year of the Monkey they will have many opportunities to go out and enjoy special moments with others. If the metal dog gets involved in activities around him, he can really benefit from the influence of the years and enjoy the company of his friends this year. Any Metal Dog entering the Year of the Monkey feeling lonely or sad should get very involved in local events and activities, as a determined attitude will create great opportunities this year for the Metal Dog. The metal dog love life looks promising for those in a relationship and also for the single metal dog.

Metal Dogs’ home life seems to be a very busy aspect of their lives this year and they can see a lot of changes as the year progresses. the metal dog will have to adapt to new plans and routines and converse well with other members of the house during the year of the monkey to make the most of the situation. the metal dog can really enjoy taking on any plan in the home as a group this year and the results can be very exciting.

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Overall, this looks to be a very prosperous year for the metal dog with many accomplishments and good times. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

water dog

The Spaniel can look forward to some exciting opportunities in the Year of the Monkey and will have plenty to look forward to throughout the year.

The career of water dogs looks promising this year and those who are pursuing a certain career should try to develop their knowledge, as this can lead to new experiences and opportunities in their working life. The Spaniel should encounter changes in the workplace this year, which will see some senior staff leave the company and may leave open senior positions for which the Spaniel might be suitable. The Spaniel can greatly increase your chances of promotion this year by training this year, as this can help you meet others in the same situation and can provide good networking opportunities.

There will be some Spaniels who feel they would be better suited elsewhere during the Year of the Monkey and can make significant progress in their job search this year and could secure a good position with a large, well-established company. . There will be many Water Dogs entering a new field of work this year that can go very well if they are motivated to learn new skills; adjustments will need to be made and they will need to go the extra mile to learn new skills and develop the ones they already have. By keeping an eye out for new openings and seeking professional advice, the Spaniel can go far this year.

the progress of the water dogs at work can help financially this year and they could find an additional sum this year. There will be many Spaniels with big plans this year and they will need to keep track of their finances to balance their money well this year or they will soon have to postpone plans and purchases until a later date due to insufficient funds.

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Travel looks very promising for the Spaniel this year and they should think about taking a trip this year, especially if they have put off visiting somewhere for a long time. the spaniel will have great joy on his travels this year and may get some amazing memories from this.

Any water dog that is inactive for much of the day should consider exercise and a balanced diet this year as it will be a busy year and they could neglect their personal well-being if they are not careful and routine exercise.

The Spaniel’s social life seems to be a highlight of their life during the Year of the Monkey and they will have many opportunities to spend time with friends. The water dog can offer valuable help and advice to others during the year of the monkey and could cause others to turn to them for help this year. the spaniel may meet new people this year and some could become quite important as the year progresses.

Life at home for Spaniels seems to be a joyous time with many things going on in the home and there will be many Spaniels celebrating birthdays and even some having a birth in their home. This seems to be a time of materialization for Spaniels’ plans during the Year of the Monkey and they can accomplish a lot in the home when they are motivated and plan carefully.

Overall, this looks to be a very rewarding year for the Spaniel with much to look forward to. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

wooden dog

The Year of the Monkey seems to be a rewarding year for the Spaniel that can bring some fantastic events and achievements into his life as the year progresses. a big part of how the wood dog leads their life this year can help shape the years to come for them. this is a very important year ahead for the wood dog. The Wood Dog may have goals and plans that he wants to achieve and I would recommend that you work hard to achieve his ambitions this year as it can determine a lot in your future.

Wood Dogs in Education are likely to have a lot of stress on their time this year and will have many deadlines for courses and exams which can be exhausting if the Wood Dog cannot manage their time well. The Wood Dog will need to allocate time for his studies and try to stay on top of things during the Year of the Monkey, as his efforts this year can bring great rewards in years to come.

There will be many Wood Dogs finding their calling in life this year, which can lead to a clear path they wish to embark on in life. the year of the monkey is a great year for the wood dog to challenge himself and try new skills and subjects in his studies, as personal development is favored in the years of the monkey and can bring great results.

Employed Wood Dogs can also look forward to some exciting opportunities this year that could present themselves when senior staff members retire or leave their place of employment, leaving unfilled vacancies for the Wood Dog to show up in. interest from an early stage. if they seek to advance in the workplace during the year of the monkey. The Wood Dog should have additional responsibilities in her workplace this year and she may be asked to replace missing things which can help gain recognition from her peers.

Any Wood Dog looking to change careers and also job seekers in general will have to work hard to find a good position this year as there will be a lot of competition. If the Wood Dog is motivated and very active in his job search, he could secure a position. The Wood Dog may start out in a lower position than he expected, but he can make a lot of progress in his new workplace during the Year of the Monkey and can advance quickly.

This seems to be an extremely demanding year for the Wood Dog and you will need to manage your finances very well this year in order to be able to do everything you plan to do or you will soon have to lose purchases. or events and activities. Impulse purchases should be avoided if possible this year, as the amount spent could soon increase. when it comes to paperwork and contracts, the wooden dog will need to take his time with this to avoid mistakes.

The Wood Dog can really develop and enjoy his personal hobbies and interests during the Year of the Monkey and you should spend some time on this to give him a chance to rest and relax. the wood dog can get some really valuable guidance from others this year which could lead to new hobbies and interests and he should try to pursue them if they take an interest in them. Travel looks really promising for the Wood Dog during the Year of the Monkey and they should look into taking a trip if finances and time permit. The Wood Dog should be mindful of his diet during the Year of the Monkey, as he might suffer from minor illnesses due to lack of energy due to such a busy year.

The social life of Wood Dogs looks very promising and there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends. The Wood Dog must have friends they have known for a long time and these friends can offer great support for the Wood Dog’s decisions and plans this year. there will be some wood dogs moving in this year and they will have many opportunities to meet new people who could soon become important friends as the year progresses. Wood dogs in a relationship should see a lot of joint ventures this year with their other half and there will be some spontaneous opportunities to take part in celebrations and visit new places this year.

Overall this seems to be a very important year for the Wood Dog and they should give 100% in their attempts. The Wood Dog will need to avoid taking on too many different projects and plans at the same time this year to get it right. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

fire dog

The Year of the Monkey will be the start of a new decade for the Fire Dog and he may see some of his hopes and dreams come true this year.

The Fire Dog can greatly benefit from his hobbies and personal interests in the Year of the Monkey and there will be many who will be attracted to new activities during this year, which can lead to fantastic developments. The fire dog usually has an interest that he is passionate about and this year, he should devote some of his free time to this, as he can really further develop his understanding and skill during the year of the monkey.

The Fire Dog should aim to participate in more group activities this year and especially if they know of a way to incorporate their passion with a social element. If there is a particular goal or activity that the fire dog has put off, he should try to achieve it this year. Local activities and events can bring the Fire Dog great satisfaction this year. lonely fire dogs should really get out this year, as monkey years are a time to be together. Any fire dog who has recently been through the blues should immerse themselves in local activities during the year of the monkey as this can soon change their attitude.

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travel is a primary aspect during the years of the monkeys and is highly favored; The fire dog should try to take a trip with friends or loved ones this year to some place that he has previously postponed, as this can bring a lot of joy to his life. researching the location can bring great experiences this year.

The firefighter dog should aim to adopt a regular exercise regimen this year if he does not already do so and should seek healthier eating patterns and diets. An investment in the welfare of Fire Dogs will be an invaluable commitment that can bring endless rewards this year. If the Fire Dog is not feeling well, he should seek professional advice during the Year of the Monkey.

The social life of fire dogs looks very promising this year and their interests can also bring some really exciting experiences during the year of the monkey. Fire Dog close friends can bring a lot of joy and opportunities this year and the Fire Dog should make time to see the people they care for. the year of the monkey can introduce an important person in the life of the fire dogs this year that can become very significant.

Fire Dogs’ home life also seems to be a very special area of ​​their life during the Year of the Monkey and with the Fire Dogs 70th Birthday coming up this year, there will be plenty of people eager to celebrate. the beginning of a new decade with the fire dog. The firefighter dog will receive a lot of joy from the younger members of the family this year and they will be able to offer good advice and help with problems. Whatever plans the Fire Dog has for their home can come off well this year if they plan well and look at the finances before getting involved. With so much going on in the lives of senior fire dogs, this is a good year to budget carefully and avoid too many big purchases.

Fire Dogs born in 2006 can pursue their hobbies and personal interests in the Year of the Monkey and can really develop their skills and knowledge in these areas as the year progresses. The education of young Fire Dogs can help bring out many new talents that they have not yet discovered and will bring great joy as they are revealed.

Overall, this looks to be a very enjoyable year for both the younger and older fire dog. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

land dog

the earth dog can look forward to a good year during the year of the monkey and can make great progress in different areas of his life when he seizes the opportunities that come his way.

The working life of the Earth Dog may have seen a lot of changes in recent years that could be quite difficult to progress through, although the Year of the Monkey may bring the opportunities the Earth Dog has been waiting for. this year can give the earth dog the opportunity to specialize in areas of his work and take on a more specific role. There may be opportunities for the earth to move into a new position this year where you will be much better adjusted and happier, though you will need to remain vigilant and look for openings in your workplace.

Ground Dogs who feel their skills can be put to better use in a new job and also those who are job seekers in general could secure a good position if they look for a role that interests them and focus on certain roles like this. You can show a desire for a certain field to a potential new employer which can help show confidence. The search for a specific role may take longer than usual for the earth dog, although if he is looking for a job in which he can find joy and reward, the wait will be worth it.

The Earth Dog can receive a lot of advice and help from his colleagues during the Year of the Monkey and should be open to asking for help when he needs it. land dogs looking for employment should let others know of their interest this year, as they might find their name proposed for a position.

with such a busy year ahead, the earth dog will need to manage their finances well to meet all their plans, commitments and purchases they will want to make during the year of the monkey or they could soon find they are running out of money and have to miss certain things until a later date. The Earth Dog is usually disciplined when it comes to money and this can serve them well in the Year of the Monkey.

The Earth Dog should devote time to his hobbies and personal interests this year, as the Monkey years favor the development of new skills as well as existing ones. If the Earth Dog has an interest in artistic or creative hobbies, he can really enjoy the way these hobbies develop and reach new levels. any dog ​​on earth who has given up certain hobbies in the past should aspire to pick them up again this year.

The Earth Dog will need to consider his personal well-being during the Year of the Monkey and seek out a regular exercise regimen if he does not already have one. The earth dog should also consider changing his eating habits to a healthier program if he tends to eat a lot of processed and take-out foods. When the Earth Dog feels unwell during the Year of the Monkey, he should seek professional advice.

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This looks to be a busy year for the earth dog and they should consider a vacation or trip this year. The earth dog may very much enjoy taking a trip with loved ones, friends, family or even alone this year and should seek to explore somewhere that he has previously put off. the earth dog should also try to visit the family if possible.

the earth dog can be quite selective in his socialization, although this year may bring many new people into his life and some of whom could become important friends later in the year. There will be many opportunities for the Earth Dog to enjoy the company of his friends in the Year of the Monkey and they will delight in the events they have the opportunity to visit and participate with others. single earth dogs may see some nice opportunities to find love on a regular basis this year.

Home life for Earth Dogs seems to be a busy area of ​​their lives in the Year of the Monkey and there will be many home achievements to celebrate, either for themselves or their families. The Earth Dog may do well in his home plans this year if he is able to take on one project at a time and avoid multi-tasking, as he might find himself with unsatisfying results when he takes on too many things at once. p>

Overall, this looks to be a very enjoyable and rewarding year for the earth dog. have a fantastic year of the monkey.

to improve the dog’s wealth, luck, business and career in 2016:

Wealth and finance 2016The last Bing Shen Yang Fire Monkey years were in 1956, 1896 and 1836, each of the years were financially and politically disastrous. This year very special cures and enhancers are need more than ever and the most influential and crucial cure and enhancer in 2016 is called a Ch’u Men Chien Ts’ai Master cure and can only to be used in a Yang Fire Monkey year. The last time that this powerful cure and enhancer would have been used was in 1956 which was also a Yang Fire Monkey year. This cure is much needed to enhance and protect wealth in 2016 especially for the females of a home or business and can be used to turn bad into good.

This cure is used to protect and improve wealth and good luck in 2016, especially for the matriarch (elderly woman) or any woman of a home or office and even more so if you have a business from home, although it is equally necessary for men, especially for wealth. this specialized enhancer and cure is only known by a few specialist feng shui grandmasters and thousands of years ago and even now in south east asia you would need to hire a competent feng shui grandmaster to call your home or business they would come with a specialized zhuanke (seal carver) who would spend many hours carving the secret inscriptions on an eight-sided ground plate (ba gua) (pai da di) usually made of the finest clear quartz crystal, slate, polished stone, quartz, or glass. The seal carver (zhuanke) was traditionally employed by emperors and the very wealthy and was seen as a symbol of great wealth and power and it took many years of study to perfect this specialized art form.

to create this buff and cure you need a mirrored finish, 3000 years ago there were no mirrors they created this same master earth cure using a hard polished stone to create a reflection that would deflect tai sui although the stone wasn’t that reflection it used to weaken wealth, so while slightly protective, it wasn’t a strong enhancer. Fortunately, with the creation of the mirror some 300 years ago, he helped feng shui masters around the world turn this traditional cure into a much more powerful one where the earth element strengthens the earth star of wealth #8 and deflects the tai sui this mirrored chu men is as good as ever and extremely powerful and is said to create wealth and also prevent its loss and ward off bad luck in 2016.

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The most crucial part of this cure and enhancer is the thought-shaped clear quartz crystal obelisk which is used to draw in the energy of the #8 star and penetrate the other eight palaces of the lou shu, making it makes for a very powerful buff and one that we’ve done our best to create and source the right items for, which took over two years.

This is one of the most powerful and featured cures and enhancers for wealth, health, relationships and protection, and because this cure is so important for wealth in 2016, we include it as standard in all of our 2016 cure and buff kits. if you follow this link you will find all the details analysis of flying stars of 2016 follow this link.

to improve romance for the dog in 2016:

Love-and-relationships-2015Romance, academia and creative studies can be enhanced in the west (#4 star) and southwest (#8 star) of your home, click here for further details. Whilst this #4 star is very auspicious, without the necessary cures, the #4 star can bring both wanted and unwanted romantic opportunities to the household if the correct cures are not put in place. The southwest also has a powerful romance star although this can be troublesome if cures are not placed and this is caused by the #8 clashing with Tai Sui In the southwest palace in 2016 and this area of a home or office needs a very special Talisman to counterbalance the #8 Annual star meeting Tai Sui. To enhance romance and career in 2016 place a Xiang Xin Yuan wish and romance enhancer in the west of your home or business, you should also introduce some water colours like shades of blue, black, grey and you can introduce these colours with a doormat, rug, cushion cover, sofa throw, curtains or similar, it really is very easy to do.

make sure you follow the 2016 flying star (xuan kong) recommendations. If your office or bedroom is located at one of the above addresses, please note that in the months of June, August and September 2016 you must ensure that you place at least one set of six Chinese coins tied in a row with a red ribbon for these months especially if you are not in good health or are very stressed and especially for the youngest daughter or female of a home or business.

avoid bad luck in 2016

As we have the #2 black star entering the lo shu center in 2016, special heals and buffs are needed more than ever, but to at least help disperse the negative effects, you need to hang up a set of six coins Chinese. tied with red ribbon and a salt water cure in the center and northeast of your home or office this year to control the #5 and #2 stars. For full details on the 2016 flying star analysis, follow this link. this is very important in 2016, especially if you have a front door, a bedroom, an office, a hall or another important room in the center, northeast, northwest and north.

this is just a small part of what you can do to make sure 2016 is a good year and to make 2016 even better, check out the monthly almanac, flying stars and animal predictions since it not only recommends good and bad days to perform certain tasks, it will also advise you if it is good for your animal sign.

If you want to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars that give you maximum control of your home or business, you should consider our 2016 advanced feng shui software; it is used by thousands of feng shui teachers, practitioners and students around the world. Combining this with our amazing and extremely powerful new Tong Shu Almanac date picker software, this will make 2016 a better year.

the three murders – is a direct translation of the Chinese ‘san sha’. this annual affliction is mostly in the south (142.5 – 217.5). It is imperative that you do not perform any noisy renovation or redecoration work on the south side of your home or office between February 4, 2016 and February 3, 2017. You also must not disturb the ground by digging holes, digging foundations, or performing any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside your property or garden. If you have no choice but to do some work in the south, I would advise you to place a 6 hollow rib metal wind chime in the south in 2016. Once disturbed, this affliction can lead to three kinds of misfortune: financial loss, illness and arguments, so please be careful. this is the worst of all annual afflictions and in our home and business we take this very seriously as in our 35 years of feng shui experience we have seen some pretty nasty events of this energy when disturbed.

In addition to not disturbing your ground, there are two other rules you need to follow regarding the three kills in 2016. First of all, if you’re moving your desk this year, never sit with your back to this (south) direction. second, it’s best to face (south) in this direction, especially if this is one of your four favorable personal directions.

If your front door faces south in 2016, I would recommend placing a couple of fu dogs just inside the house facing out as protective watchdogs throughout the year. You can also place a ba gua mirror outside in the south for the year.

if you have to carry out emergency work or repairs in the south during the yang fire monkey year, you should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and where the work is being carried out and ideally you should contact a professional feng shui consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work or you can use our tong shu software.

tai sui (the grand duke of jupiter) – resides between 232.5º – 247.5º southwest.

Do not take this affliction lightly in 2016. Do not disturb the ground in the Southwest at all costs.

if you have a southwest facing property with the front doors facing southwest, you should be careful not to allow the doors to slam when entering or exiting and do not renovate or excavate in this area for 2016. if you have an office or store door in the Southwest this year, I would recommend installing a soft close accessory if possible.

If you have emergency work or repairs to do in the Southwest, place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between buildings and where work is being done and ideally you should contact a professional feng shui practitioner to select an auspicious date to start work or consult our tong shu date selection software.

sui po – resides between 52.5º – 67.5º northeast.

sui po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite tai sui grand duke, which for 2016 is northeast. You should treat this area the same as your other annual afflictions with no groundbreaking work, renovations, or noisy activities. if disturbed, this area can and usually will cause immediate health problems, especially with regard to the elderly, so be very careful.

the annual yellow five has flown to the northeast in 2016 and this is not a good thing as we have sui po located here this year as well and the reason so many specialized cures are needed in 2016. With both the Yellow 5 and the Sui Po located in the Northeast in 2016, it is highly recommended not to disturb the Northeast of your home or business with noisy activities, renovations, or maintenance work. When disturbed, the five yellows can bring disaster, illness, judgment, and great loss of wealth, so be very careful in the Northeast in 2016 as it is greatly afflicted. You must place a row of six Chinese i-ching coins tied together with a red ribbon, a six-rod hollow metal wind chime, and a salt water cure in the northeast to avoid the problems associated with the yellow star of disaster #5.

please don’t panic if you have a bedroom or office that is located in the south, southwest or northeast in 2016, just start preparing to place your 2016 cure and buff kit as of February 4, 2016 to ensure a one year hassle free and also clean up any old cure you are going to reuse and of course be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to stay up to date with monthly flying stars giving you even more control of your destiny. To give you even better control, use our advanced 2016 feng shui software as it provides advanced analysis of every home or office at any address anywhere in the world.

Are you ready for 2019?

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