Feng Shui Horoscope 2015 Rooster

2015 feng shui horoscope prediction for the rooster

summary 2015 is a year of challenges for roosters. There will be bad times as well as exciting good times, and much will depend on your ability to make the most of the good while combating the bad. the energies of the year turn their hostility towards you at every step and you will have to fight against this negative influence.

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The good news is that many areas of your chart indicate your strength and vitality are strong, so there’s a good chance you can overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

aspects that will affect your life this year

In your star chart of 24 mountains there is a mix of forces at work here. Areas to watch out for are the star of natural disaster, which is coming to your home sector, West 2. This negative star can bring you danger in terms of fires, floods, storms, or other damaging energies. and in Sectors West 1 and West 3, the killer sit-in #3 stars threaten to wreak havoc with potential relationship problems, damage to their reputations, or loss of finances.

These stars are not to be taken lightly and it is essential to use all available feng shui means to control negativity. to suppress the star of natural disaster, display the white umbrella goddess crystal ball with a lotus stand or avalokiteshvara long plate mantra nearby. it would also help to carry amulets to combat the negative impact. the silver om mani padme hum keychain or the dharmachakra wheel of fortune keychain would be an excellent choice.

To intensify protection against the three murders, ask for help in the form of the three golden divine guardians, the 3 heavenly guardians, the five-element yang metal cure, or the three divine feng shui guardians. With the help of these feng shui cures and your own powers to resist negative forces, you can go ahead to claim whatever auspicious luck comes your way too. Carry the Three Heavenly Guardians Keychain or The Three Heavenly Guardians Keychain with Implements.

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Your Elemental Luck Chart Fortunately, much of your Elemental Luck is powerful in 2015, giving you the strength you need. your personal wind horse energy (lung ta) looks very strong and as a result you will enjoy greater success luck and personal worth. your life force also gives you much-needed vitality, so you can be sure that you will overcome many obstacles. this luck of success helped you in 2014 and will only get stronger in 2015.

your spiritual essence will encourage your self-confidence to rise and you will instinctively know that you can see the circumstances around you and combat or magnify them, depending on whether they are good or bad. just be careful not to overstep your confidence level and say something hurtful or inappropriate, at work or at home.

Wealth luck looks good for most Roosters and, in particular, 34 and 58 year olds will be blessed with abundance, the potential for extra income and even a little unexpected luck. however, 46- and 70-year-olds will have to work harder to enjoy the wealth luck, and should be careful not to overspend or trust the wrong kind of people, otherwise financial instability could arise . To guard against this, increase the fire elements around you and attract money by displaying the gold double dragon wealth boat for prosperity or by wearing a Tibetan dzi bead of your choice with a citrine bracelet.

As far as health luck goes, roosters won’t notice much of a difference from 2014. On the surface, it looks like no major concerns are coming, but take note of your flying star luck for areas of concern. . this year, people aged 22 and 34 may experience some health problems. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet and being attentive to personal hygiene can go a long way in keeping illnesses at bay. wear a wulou pendant and place a wu lou in your bedroom to promote good health.

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your flying star chart, although the health luck element seems manageable, there is a threat of feng shui negativity from the #5 yellow star of misfortune (wu wang), landing directly in your home sector of the sky. west 2. the yellow star #5 tries to put obstacles in your way in the form of health problems or serious illnesses. this negative star can cause anything from minor problems to quite serious problems. bad luck, misfortune and mishaps are indicated when this star visits. do your best to avoid stress and stay calm and you can start helping yourself. display the 8-inch five-element pagoda with fuk luk sau or jeweled earth stupa in the west sector. must wear the Five Element Jeweled Pagoda Pendant (Gold) or carry a 5 Element Seed Syllable Pagoda Keychain.

your luck at work in general, luck in business and at work seems promising for roosters. your strong element, luck, will really come into play to help you in the area of ​​promotions, job changes, or successful transfers. new wealth is yours to find. however, not everything will go smoothly. Poisoned arrows could be aimed at you in terms of harmful gossip or office politics that will oppose you and threaten to cast you in a negative light. In addition to natural disasters, the disaster star can also indicate danger from scammers, those who present you with offers that are too good to be true, and jealousy could be directed towards you at work. keep your eyes open and stay away from anyone who appears to not have your best interests at heart. display the mirror of four friends of the use of the 3-legged bird for success (bright sun), the 3-legged bird for success (bright sun) or the 3-legged bird for success (sun) to improve luck in promotion, advancement and upward mobility in the career.

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Your love, luck, love, and romance will flourish for Roosters this year, in part due to your natural charisma and inner glow. Single Roosters who wish to move on to a more serious and long-term relationship will have feng shui energies looking down on them with favor. If you are tired of living alone, it might be the right time to find a serious partner or even get married if you feel inclined to do so. married roosters are also blessed with love and romance by rekindling happiness with their partner. If you feel the need to enhance your love luck, here are our love charms.

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amulet of the three allies of the horoscope: ox, rooster and amp; snake keychain or horoscope allies: ox, rooster and snake is an essential good luck charm for rooster people.

If you don’t like the recommended feng shui cures above or below, you can find more feng shui products to improve or overcome the winds that affect you by clicking on these links: #5 star of misfortune, 3 murder and star of natural disasters.

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