Cómo colocar en casa el elefante del Feng Shui

In many Asian cultures, the elephant is considered a sacred animal. According to Buddhist beliefs, they are celestial animals and one of the sacred treasures of the Buddha. they symbolize good luck, longevity and success, among other things.

in feng-shui, a chinese philosophy based on the harmonization of spaces to promote the positivity of the people who inhabit it, the elephant is considered a very important symbol to promote wisdom, strength and fertility , who can make wishes and protect the home. but to get the maximum benefits, it is important to know how to position it. first, the position of the animal itself.

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lucky elephant with trunk up means good luck and benevolence flows out

Placing a statue with its trunk up or down has different meanings. the lucky elephant with its trunk up means good luck and benevolence flows out. the elephant statue with its trunk down promotes good fortune and wisdom.

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on the other hand, according to feng shui, when a lucky elephant is placed in a specific position in the home, it can activate certain issues.

El elefante es símbolo de buena fortuna

El elefante es símbolo de buena fortuna

in the main entrance

Placing an elephant statue near the front door brings good luck, protection and strength to a home. The main rule is to always have the elephant facing inwards with its back to the door, because if it is placed facing out, then the positive energy of the elephant will come out the door again.

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in the bedroom

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Placing an elephant in the bedroom promotes love and fidelity between two people. it is also a symbol of fertility. feng shui elephant statues with their trunks down signify fertility and longevity, making them an excellent choice for activating this energy.

in the children’s bedroom

In children’s rooms, the bedroom promotes cultivating knowledge and academic success, so it is good to put it on the study table. A statue of an elephant mother and hers is a symbol of love and the bond between a mother and her children, thus it promotes bonding.

to balance the elements of the home

Elephant statues can be used to achieve the proper balance of the elements and can make a difference in attracting or repelling positive chi energy.

and, finally, it is important to say that placing more than one elephant enhances their qualities, so you can fill the home of these animals for several rooms and even all together in the same place and thus achieve more benefits.

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