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This wonderful handmade polyresin water fountain brings good feng shui wealth to your home or office. This feng shui water fountain is designed to bring about prosperity and the flow of positive chi through the surrounding area. This water fountain takes the form of a pair of dragons coiling over a pile of wealth and guarding a pearl, representing the symbolism that your wealth will never run out and you will always be prosperous and successful. As the pump pushes the water to the top, the ball spins and the water passes over it into one cup and then another before flowing back into the basin. It has colored LED lights embedded under the ball to add drama to the rolling ball. available in 110v and 220v.

Water has always been a strong representation of prosperity for the Chinese, symbolizing the flow of cash into the home and success in business. this has also influenced the English language, due to the fact that there are many terms for money associated with water: “cash flow” or “floating loan” are just two.

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In feng shui, the water fountain is considered a very powerful energizer for business luck, increased income and prosperity. In a spiritual sense, which is used by feng shui practice, the constant movement of liquid in a water feature is a representation of the eternal flow of good chi and the power to achieve your aspirations, as well as the constant flow of income to Your Family According to Lillian Too, a famous feng shui author, anyone can be seriously prosperous with a water feature in their home.

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The benefits of a water feature in the home or office can be observed in a scientific sense; because a continuous flow of water decreases the amount of positive ions in the environment and replaces them with negative ions; this is helpful because too many positive ions can cause ailments like illness and depression.

When a water feature is placed in the right corners and sectors of the home, it is believed to have the power to bring many different benefits; Some of these include better health for older members of the family, better educational fortunes for children in the family, and greater harmony among all members of the household. For the patriarch of the family, the water fountain is said to bring business success and much prosperity, as well as the power to move up the career ladder and encourage promotions; this in turn will benefit the good of the whole family.

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followers of feng shui place the water source in many ways around their home to achieve its immense benefits and reap and reward its powers:

  1. according to the feng shui bagua 8 life aspiration formula, a water source in the north sector of the house is ideal for upward mobility in the professional field. the flow of water combined with the beautiful display of the wondrous water feature will create a better work environment for the patriarch and increase income opportunities.
  2. according to the feng shui bagua formula, the east sector is responsible for health luck, and is of the wood element. When placed in this sector, wood energy will be boosted here because the water produces wood. displaying a water feature in this segment of your home is said to help bring well-being to household members.
  3. according to the feng shui bagua formula, the southeast sector is the creator of wealth, luck and its element is wood. . When a miniature rolling ball water feature is displayed in this sector, it is believed to attract success and wealth in abundance. it will also give courage to those in competitive races and bring them many victories.
  4. A water source displayed in the south-west sector of the house is believed to best benefit the family’s wages in the period 8 (2004 – 2024).
  5. when the water source is located in the water star sector 8, accompanied by a figure of the dragon, it will greatly benefit the family. the dragon seen drinking water from the feature is a representation of the viewer achieving wealth in every way. however, be careful when placing these symbols, as an 8 star mountain in the same location will cause decreased income and destruction of relationships.
  6. if you suffer from the effects of the flying star # 7 (star of violence) from which robberies, raids and violence derive, exhibit a water source in the affected sector.
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*note* the water feature is a very powerful tool, and a few guidelines should be observed regarding its placement. Always make sure that the flowing water is clean, as dirty water will create sick energy. when placing the water feature near a main entrance, make sure it is on the left, facing out; when placed to the right, the male partner will often lose loyalty and cheat. In addition to this, always remember to keep the water source out of the bedroom, as this will lead to sickness, leaks, and bad chi.

*note* do not turn on the pump without immersing it in water as this could damage it.

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