Dragon in Feng Shui: Placement, Symbol and Meaning

The dragon in feng shui practice is a symbol of all things auspicious. Although it is not a real animal, many people believe that it protects them from negative energies. Whether you subscribe to these notions, we believe that putting up decorations can increase our positive energy and make us more receptive to opportunities in general.

In this article, we will share tips from feng shui practitioners to help you decorate your home with the mythical creature to receive more prosperity.

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dragon symbolism

in chinese feng shui the dragon symbolizes several things:

  • It is a good luck charm.
  • It is a symbol of protection.
  • It represents yang, which is masculine energy.

Ancient Chinese philosophy classifies yang as an active element that contains a lot of energy, while the opposite is yin. yang energy helps a person to be enterprising.

by contrast, yin is peaceful and feminine energy. In addition, animals with yin energy represent calm and serenity.

meaning of the dragon in feng shui

People often gift the feng shui dragon to others to bless them with greater wealth luck, as well as to cure problems related to love. If you have one, it is supposed to encourage you to pursue higher ambitions in your career and personal life.

feng shui dragon location

Feng shui dragons come in many sizes and variations of colors and materials. Having an ornament at home is a good thing as you can place it wherever you want in your house! but there are some specific benefits if you place your ornament in the following direction:


the northern sector governs career luck. therefore, if you place your feng shui dragon in the north, you can harness this powerful energy to propel yourself up the corporate ladder.

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Feng shui practitioners believe that the east sector governs your health, so placing your ornament in this area will activate good health.


The most auspicious direction of the house is towards the south. Placing the ornament here helps absorb good luck and maintains family harmony.


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In classical feng shui, the west direction is associated with accuracy, playfulness, and communication. it is also connected to children. therefore, placing your ornament in this direction channels the above and protects your children.

location in the house

If you have a dragon statue of your lucky symbol, make sure it faces the house and not a wall. Also, make sure the claws are not pointing at the door or window. it is recommended to place it in the east sector to activate health and wealth.

You can also use it as a feng shui bracelet, complementing any outfit. On top of that, some people even have a feng shui dragon tattoo on their bodies. So, ultimately, you don’t have to display the mythical creature in your home.


You can pair the feng shui dragon with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to Chinese geomancy, these are the building blocks of everything in the universe where interactions occur.

so by pairing your trim, you can better take advantage of the properties of each element.


the metal element helps you enhance happiness and clarity. therefore, you must have a white porcelain sculpture to attract these qualities.


The wood element has to do with increasing growth and abundance. We recommend using carvings of the auspicious feng shui dragon, like this intricate wall art, if you want to attract the above.


For an unlocked flow of wealth and wisdom, you’ll need a clear glass trim or a black and dark gray paint.

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If you are looking for a resounding success or business inspiration, the fire element is what you are looking for. therefore, we recommend using paints of the auspicious creature with lots of red to enhance the above.


Boosting the earth element helps you feel grounded, protected and supported. We recommend this feng shui brass dragon to bring elements of the earth.

common types of dragons in feng shui

Adornments depicting this mythical creature come in many forms and the added details also have symbolic meanings. In this section, we explore some of these connotations.

dragon with pearl

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This representation usually shows the mythical animal with a flaming pearl under its chin or claws. pearls signify spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity and power. for example, a feng shui dragon with a pearl statue could be a powerful symbol to help you bring abundance into his home.

dragon with glass

Sometimes you will find the ornament designed in such a way that the mythical creature is holding a crystal pearl, also known as the wish-granting jewel. This feng shui crystal dragon represents hope in the dark.

dragon with phoenix

The mythical phoenix also symbolizes good omens, but when combined with the dragon, it paints a picture of a happy union. the phoenix represents the feminine energy of yin, contrasting yang energy. Therefore, if you receive this feng shui dragon and phoenix combination, the giver wishes you a happy relationship.

red dragon

This could be a great combination to put in your home office for those who need to spark their creative flair. the red dragon feng shui symbolizes courage, passion and wisdom.

jade dragon

The Chinese jade award, as it represents purity and beauty. Also known as Pi Xiu, this mythical creature is believed to swallow its owner’s luck, but never releases it. therefore, place this jade dragon in the north sector of your house to absorb all the luck!


golden dragon

the golden dragon feng shui means financial well-being and wealth in general. so, as the color suggests, this ornament will bring you a lot of gold!

wooden dragon

the wooden dragon is for those seeking inspiration and growth! therefore, if you are a creative who wants to nurture their spark, you may want to consider wood carvings of the mythical creature.

things to avoid

Here are some tips on what to avoid when bringing this mythical creature into your home.

  • Avoid buying a rug that has the mythical creature printed on it. you will step on the carpet, which is not a good sign for your luck.
  • do not place your auspicious ornament in the bathroom, as that represents draining your success.
  • try not to select statues that are too large, as the creature’s energy can overwhelm you. As for aesthetics, it is best to find out which one is proportional to your space.
  • Finally, most practitioners recommend facing the door, or the east side. in this way, you will activate your health and wealth luck. looking towards the door also helps to attract prosperity.

After reading this article, you may want to get an ornament just for your desktop. This generic sculpture statue is perfect as it will sit beautifully on your desk while bringing you all the good fortune you need.


We hope you have learned more about this ancient symbol of prosperity. We also cover the meaning and symbolism behind the turtle in feng shui in detail if you’re interested in learning more.

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