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If you have ever attended a Chinese wedding or are planning your own and want to incorporate Chinese wedding symbols and culture into your big day, you will inevitably come across the most popular Chinese wedding symbol of all: the double happiness. . Today, there are so many fun, trendy, and unique ways you can incorporate the double happiness symbol into your Chinese-American wedding.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most beautiful ways and places to include the symbol of double happiness at your wedding.

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what does double happiness mean?

The symbol for double happiness, “囍” (pronounced shuāngxǐ, 双喜) in Chinese is made up of 喜喜, two copies of the Chinese character 喜 (pronounced ), meaning joy and happiness. It is commonly used as a Chinese wedding symbol to represent twice the joy and happiness for newlyweds as they begin their marriage.

where is the double happiness symbol placed?

The most common places to incorporate the symbol of double happiness in your wedding are the wedding decorations, the invitations (especially if you send Chinese wedding invitations), and the details of the wedding. Since red and gold are the most popular and lucky colors at a Chinese wedding, many of the double happiness symbols are also decorated in red and gold to symbolize good fortune.

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Below is a list of places where you can beautifully incorporate double happiness into your wedding.


In particular, your wedding décor is the first place you should consider when thinking of ways to include the symbol of double happiness. Depending on your budget and how stylish and creative you want to be, here are a variety of ideas for you to choose from.

double happiness paper cutouts

Double Happiness Paper Cut Out

source: weekit ong

double happiness centerpieces

Double Happiness Floral Decor

source: daria-nova

double happiness neon background sign

Double Happiness Neon BackdropSource: Tinydot Photography

double happiness carved wooden background

Wooden Double Happiness Sign

source: letters to you

Double Happiness LanternsDouble Happiness Lanterns

Double happiness lantern and pillows for Chinese tea ceremonySource: Emily Wren Photography

wedding gifts

Many couples will use their wedding details as an opportunity to showcase their personalities and cultural heritage to their guests. this makes double happiness wedding favors a great choice.

personalized chopsticks engraved with the symbol of double happiness

Custom Engraved Double Happiness Chopsticks by East Meets Dress

source: east meets dress

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double happiness gift boxes

Chinese double happiness gift boxes

Double Happiness Serendipity Gift Boxes

source: east meets dress

red envelopes

Double Happiness Red Envelopes East Meets Dress

source: east meets dress

double happiness bottle openers

Double happiness bottle opener wedding favor

Chinese wedding suits

While many brides choose to wear a cheongsam or qun kwa for their Chinese wedding, you can choose a design that already has a double happiness symbol or accessorize your dress with double happiness accessories. As for the groom, she can opt for a double happiness of a tie, bow tie, or jacket!

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Chinese Wedding DressDouble Happiness Qun Kwa

Double Happiness AccessoriesDouble Happiness Necklace

Double happiness high heels pumps

source: east meets dress

the groom’s attire

Double happiness men

source: me+him photography

tea ceremony supplies

The wedding tea ceremony is one of the most popular traditions when celebrating a Chinese wedding. it is a time for you to honor and pay your respects to your parents and elders while receiving their blessing in return. There are some must-have items when it comes to hosting a tea ceremony, and many of these items can feature the symbol of double happiness.

double happiness tea set

Double Happiness Bliss Tea Set

source: east meets dress

Gold Double Happiness Tea Set

font: extra small

cups for the tea ceremony

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Double happiness paper cups

Kneeling pillows for tea ceremony

Tea Ceremony Double Happiness Kneeling Pillows

source: east meets dress

chinese wedding invitations & menus

From wedding invitations, envelopes, RSVP and thank you cards to food menu and place cards, there are countless ways to incorporate double happiness designs into your Chinese wedding invitations.

double happiness wedding invitation

Double Happiness Wedding Invite and Menu

font: print for love

Double happiness envelope wax stamp

source: heysee store

double happiness wedding invite

source: design studio nineteen


Perhaps the best way to incorporate the character of double happiness is into your wedding food! Whether it’s beautifully decorated macarons, cookies, and more, who says you can’t have your double happiness cake and eat it too?

Double Happiness Macarons Dim Sum

source: mattaboutfood

Double happiness cookies

source: phoenix sweets

Double Happiness Cake

source: cakemoment wedding

double happiness is a classic Chinese wedding symbol that can be easily incorporated into many aspects of your wedding. When it comes to wedding décor, don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own unique twist on it. Let us know all the creative ways you plan to use the double happiness symbol!

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