15 Crystal Lotus Flower Feng Shui Benefits Placement Tips

The crystal lotus flowers may seem unattractive at first glance. The structure and hues of the lotus are undoubtedly beautiful, but beyond its delicate shell lies a deeper meaning that dates back almost to the dawn of time.

Several Asian cultures consider flowers to be sacred and are considered among the most spiritual plants on the planet.

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The development process of the lotus is quite different from that of any other flower. it sinks each nightfall under the water of the river, as its root burrows into the earth, and mysteriously blooms again the next dawn, dazzlingly clean. this procedure is associated with reincarnation and spiritual awakening in many traditions.

Each component of the lotus flower has medical powers in traditional Chinese herbal remedies. first from the base or roots of the lotus to the lotus flowers, making this plant a much more effective feng shui treatment for a happy and peaceful home.

This flower is believed to counteract bad energy with good energy, purifying the soul and allowing insight to gain insight, according to feng shui specialists.

The meaning of the lotus is represented in Chinese mythology through a variety of signs and symbols. ho hsien ku, part of the eight divine beings and a symbol of marriage and romantic joy according to the Taoist religion, holds a lotus flower with her.

feng shui meaning and meaning of the crystal lotus flower

The crystal lotus flower is an especially important object in feng shui for emitting pleasant energy and refreshing family relationships. also because the earth element is represented by the crystal, which is a symbol of the blessing of mother earth.

Whenever the power of the crystal lotus is depleted, it should be refreshed by placing it on a transparent countertop that has lights underneath, which is a representation of the fire component of enlightenment which re-energizes the earth component of the lotuscrystal.

  1. will purify the environment, giving loved ones a calm mind and allowing them to achieve their life goals.
  2. This lotus will help with chi modulation by stopping, speeding up and removing stagnant chi.
  3. This chi exercise will generate success, contentment, calm, focus and wealth over time.
  4. the meaning of the lotus flower crystal has several levels of relevance in feng shui. As this one-of-a-kind flower emerges from the mud, it symbolizes triumph over adversity.
  5. The lotus is related to the preservation of wealth as its petals provide shelter and security for fish (a sign of prosperity).

top 10 benefits of crystal lotus in feng shui

Find below the top ten crystal lotus feng shui benefits in detail.

  1. crystal lotus feng shui is known for solving problems and achieving success. the invigorated crystal lotus, according to feng shui teachings, brings growth, love and good fortune, and many other great results.
  2. according to feng shui, whenever the (energized) crystal lotus flower is placed in a place where there is intense discussion, it has calming effects and brings about major changes.
  3. The crystal lotus is strong when it comes to attracting money gains and good luck.
  4. In feng shui philosophy, the (energized) crystal lotus is a prized instrument. the sunlight is collected by the gemstone (crystal), which radiates good energy and enthusiasm.
  5. The color reflection is created by the lotus, which is made of glass lotus stone. To attract good vibes and chi into your home, place the crystal lotus right next to a window.
  6. The crystal lotus also denotes financial resources and wealth, so keeping one in your home or business can help you attract more.
  7. positive energy is emitted, which helps revitalize family connections and relationships. It also helps to purify the environment producing positive sensations.
  8. gives a calm and serene atmosphere to family and friends. the crystal will disperse lighting and produce beautiful colors in your home, flooding it with positive energies and instilling peace and hope.
  9. place a crystal lotus flower in your romantic area to signify a happy connection if you are looking for the right spouse.
  10. the magnificent lotus flower the beautiful and relaxing impact should not be overlooked. our calmer, more sensitive inclinations, as well as the explosive energy of fortune in our affairs, are both inspired and protected by its flowers.
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importance of the correct locations to place the crystal lotus flower?

The magnificent crystal lotus flower is handcrafted in exquisite crystal. it is an excellent feng shui feature for any home or office. it will absorb the sun’s rays and generate reflected colors if placed near a window.

It is believed to have a yang power of cleansing, which will purify the region and attract good fortune. family members will calm down and tensions will be replaced with good chi and love once the feng shui flower crystal is placed in certain places on the property where fights are frequent. occur.

The lotus flower is known as the “flower of paradise” in Buddhism. It is considered to represent four fundamental virtues: attractiveness, tenderness, fragrance and cleanliness. the lotus, although planted in the style, represents cleanliness of the body, speech and intellect.

Her flowers seem to float on the murky seas of connection and need, blooming on woody stems. it also represents dissociation as water droplets easily fall from its flowers. Flowers are also said to represent the development of the heart by Buddhists.

The flower, like the lotus, represents our ability to change from a position of pain to one of glory. its roots begin in the murky earth and climb up the river into the sunlight.

placing crystal lotus flowers in different places of the house such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room , and other locations is significant.

crystal lotus flower ideal addresses for home and office

Find below the best and most auspicious feng shui andcrystal lotus feng shui instructions to keep in your home and office. It also solves the most frequently asked question “where to keep the glass lotus at home“.

1) southwest

The lotus should be placed in the southwest corner of your main room, living room or bedroom. if you want to enjoy the advantages of the advantages of the romantic charm of the lotus.

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can help you find a partner, improve and refine your current relationship, or help you find a partner.

2) reception area

Place the lotus in the reception area or in the office to benefit from its supposed abilities to attract and protect wealth. it will also serve as motivation to overcome obstacles to success.

3) bedroom or living room

place a lotus flower crystal in the bedroom or living room, it helps prevent family members from fighting . this is the best direction of the crystal lotus as its appearance will help to replace feelings of anger and frustration with compassion and tolerance.

Assuming you understand your peach blossom orientation, you can use this lotus as a powerful romantic charm to help you bounce back from heartbreak or breakups.

best ways to display crystal lotus flower

If you place a crystal lotus at the core of your business or at the core of your home, you will notice that your wealth grows as a result of additional income such as salary increases, better contracts and more clients.

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Display it in your workplace the same way, and you’ll find you’re completing more sales as it can help you overcome obstacles and gain an advantage in business discussions .

by placing the crystal lotus flower in prominent places such as southwest, the reception area also acts as a message that if you focus on it, you will come out of it unscathed. any challenging circumstance.

use crystal lotus flower in feng shui to have a better life

This romantic charm should be placed in the southern region of the living room, hall or bedrooms for people who want to draw fresh love or rejuvenate a current love or relationship.

  • if placed on a turntable, it will distribute romantic luck throughout the property, making it much more efficient. this will ensure your partner’s loyalty and indicate unending love.
  • family members will calm down, and their anger and tensions will be replaced by good energy and joy, once the feng shui lotus flower crystal is displayed in certain places in the home where fights are frequent.
  • Whenever this lucky charm crystal is placed on the windowsills of the living room, it attracts the sun’s rays and creates rainbow reflections. this is believed to have cleansing yang power, which would purify the region and bring good fortune.
  • place crystal lotus feng shui in your reception area, family room, or major conference rooms to boost your financial fortune and that of your entire family .
  • The lotus will give you an aura of tenacity and dedication in every activity you attempt, as well as improve your income.
  • crystal lotus flower will increase your self-esteem and personality while enhancing your creative thinking and actualization. this will allow you to discover a strong and secure bond where your opinion is important and valued.

type of crystal lotus flower colors and what they represent

select the color that best suits your needs: below you will find all the varieties of crystal lotus flowers.

1) blue crystal lotus

The Blue Crystal Lotus Flower is known to enhance career prospects, business enterprise, money, and leadership skills. it also increases perception and reduces feelings of depression.

2) green crystal lotus

the hue of harmony, which is in the middle of the color spectrum. Green crystals are said to help us harmonize our energy, offer stability, and increase empathy and devotion. offers calm and tranquility as it is the color of the natural world.

3) yellow glass lotus

Yellow is believed to enhance positivity, ease transitions, improve memory, strengthen determination, and increase focus. it also encourages you to be more expressive and enthusiastic.

4) red crystal lotus

among the meanings of the red crystal, the lotus flower include: enthusiasm, desire, feelings, resistance, authority, power, elegance, energy, persistence, effort and tenacity, all represented by the shadow of love

5) purple crystal lotus

violet has the ability to attract and concentrate chi. could help improve the chi in your home or business.

6) pink crystal lotus

pink crystal lotus flowerr feng shui can help in the search and acceptance of love. they have the potential to strengthen interpersonal connections.

7) white or clear or transparent glass lotus

Positive ideas such as honesty, justice and innocence are represented by this transparent lotus. it is associated with nobility and elegance, as well as stillness, tranquility, and tranquility. gives shine and a clean feeling.

8) colored or multicolored glass lotus

all shades are represented and indicates unification, cooperation and tranquility. various colors combine the energy of each of the colors to create a synergistic effect.

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how to use the glass lotus candle holder

With elegant lotus candle holders, you can create a pleasing glow and exquisite refinement to any home or event design. complement your table in a restaurant , your apartment and create a cozy atmosphere. offers you a celebration atmosphere that is not like the others.

Because of the thickened pattern of the glassware, the lotus candle holder appears to be very bright and dazzling, once the candle is lit, all the lotus leaves will shine brightly.

This crystal lotus flower candle holder is made entirely of pure crystal and has a magnificent appearance. ideal for interior decoration, table decoration and gifts to family and friends. It is ideal for a marriage ceremony, a dining table, a banquet or a theater piece.

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how to use a rotating glass lotus flower

the captivating rotating crystal lotus flowers are appropriate for a variety of events including corporate annual meetings, class reunions, birthday parties and friends gatherings. It is possible to use it as a celebration gift.

  • Rotatable with your fingertips, it can be used to adorn the interior of your home, bedroom, workplace, bathroom, desk, restaurant, cafe and anything else you might know.
  • Surround yourself with lots of these beautiful spinning glass lotus flowers, place them near a window, to cast sunlight and calm energy into your space.
  • There may be subtle color variations between each lotus if your glass lotus is multicolored. each shade of lotus is affected differently by light.

what to do with an eighteen (18) pointed crystal lotus

Having this special type of large crystal lotus flower means a lot. the crystal lotus has a direct influence on our health. Giving or having this crystal lotus or any crystal ball in your private residence can help you live a good and healthy life.

has an effect and influence on your mood. For someone who is worried about work or family, place this crystal lotus on your desk, kitchen table, or beside your bed. it will have an impact on your mood and calm your mind.

varieties of crystal lotus flower

1. the lotus blue color

This color represents prosperity, wealth, growth and connectivity.

2. the color lotus green

This color represents stability, improvement, balance and peace.

3. the color lotus yellow

This color represents satisfaction, intelligence, happiness and cognitive concentration.

4. the color lotus purple

This color represents mysteries, religious faith, romance, money, security.

5. the pink lotus color

This is the color used for love, kindness, tranquility, calm and boldness.

6. the lotus red color

the color red is the elements of power, movement, fun, desire, persuasion and strength.

7. the white lotus color

The white lotus type indicates integrity, innocence, tolerance, clarity and good ideals.

8. lotus flower with different colors

a variety of colors implies that all tones are represented and represents union, alliance and tranquility.

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common questions about the benefits of crystal lotus flower


Multi-layered crystals such as crystal lotus flowers are commonly used in this technique because the light emanating from them creates beautiful hues from different angles, allowing chi to move naturally. buy crystal lotus flowers to improve your livelihood.

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