Where to place crystals for good feng shui, all year long

In fact, many visitors to her home comment on the calming energy of her space…give us some of that!

Do you think your house could use a little energy reorganization?

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No matter what your goals are this year, there is a crystal to support you. But when you work with feng shui to intentionally place crystals around your home, you will work with the flow of energy and double the dose of its magnifying power.

with 2022 being the year of the tiger, sarah explains how to harness and balance the brave and powerful new energy this year will bring.

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citrine at the door of your house

The citrine crystal has to do with abundance and prosperity. In feng shui, the front door of your home is the mouth of all abundance, happiness, and creativity. then, place this crystal inside your front door to receive this bright energy, darling!

black tourmaline in corners of the home

Your home is your sanctuary, so you want to protect its energy. black tourmaline is a protective crystal that absorbs negative energy and grounds us in our space. I place black tourmaline in the corners of my house and at the front door to prevent unwanted energy from entering.

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smoky quartz in the bathroom

bathrooms are spaces naturally filled with a lot of water energy. too much water power can be unstable, causing restless sleep and indecisiveness, especially if your house has bathrooms with shared walls. smoky quartz is a grounding crystal, so place it in your bathroom to balance the flow of energy and allow for more stability in your space.

pyrite and selenite in the office

pyrite is a creative stone that helps generate new ideas and positive energy. this is a great crystal to place on your desk or on your computer. selenite can help cleanse your office to get rid of any stagnant energy at the end of the day. place this crystal above the door to act as an energetic reset as you enter the office, or under your desk to eliminate electrical smog and brain fog.

rose quartz and amethyst on the nightstand

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Bedrooms are a place to sleep and make love, and that should be it. you want a restful sleep and a romantic and loving space to enjoy. rose quartz will bring those loving vibes either to you or to your relationship. always have a couple of rose quartz crystals in the bedroom if calling to fall in love or to support your relationship. Amethyst has a calming effect, so it is perfectly placed in the bedroom to help create a calm space in which to relax.

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clear quartz in the center of the house

The center of your home, or any space, is where the grounding energy is. clear quartz is a great crystal to bring clarity and highlight all the good energy around you. it will also keep the energy clean and balanced. avoid placing too much fire energy in the center of your hearth, such as citrine, carnelian, or amber. this is the health center in your home and too much strong crystalline energy could create discomfort.

aventurine and green calcite in the garden

Would you like some green thumb? I’m not really, but I’m certainly trying! when we laid our lawn, i first put aventurine and green calcite in the soil to ignite its growth. green crystals, especially those of green aventurine and calcite, bring growth, health and abundance. And who doesn’t want that energy in their life?

Remember that if something doesn’t seem right to you, move the crystals. It is your space and only you know how you want to feel. each home, space and person are unique. this is just a guide to help you on your way!

sarah keeley is the creator and owner of australian business conscious calendar co. sarah is passionate about creating a platform for people to connect, grow, be inspired or learn something new, through her yearly calendars and conscious gifts. For more information, visit www.conscientecalendarco.com or @consciente_calendar_co.

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