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Just as no one puts the baby in a corner, no one puts feng shui in a corner (a lot at home, of course).

Feng Shui of Corner Lot Homes

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While it’s best not to get into a corner lot home situation, I offer cures to make the most of your situation if you already live in a corner lot home.

basic feng shui tips

simply: great for business, bad for homes.

As I mentioned earlier about cul-de-sac homes and t-junction properties, my first advice to someone considering a home on a corner lot is to stay away.

As with cul-de-sac homes, homebuilders were once able to charge a premium for corner lots. In areas with more feng shui-savvy buyers, however, they now often find that homes on corner lots are the last to go.

In addition, you may notice that a common theme for foreclosure listings is homes on a corner lot, cul-de-sac, or at a t-intersection.

with much in feng shui, including corner lots, the issues are really common sense rather than just energy flow.

pros & cons

It’s not that corner lots are completely bad. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a corner lot.

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Bad Feng Shui of Corner Lots Crash


  • more yard space
  • half the neighbors
  • businesses on corner lots are easier to find
  • decorations or signs highly visible
  • emergency services can respond faster
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  • more sidewalks or fences to keep out
  • noisier traffic & pedestrians
  • more headlights pointed at windows
  • pedestrians taking shortcuts across yard
  • cars turning around in your driveway
  • patio is more likely to be used by dogs
  • exposure to car accidents

In addition to the above, feng shui suggests that corner lots offer the following disadvantages:

Bad Feng Shui Corner Lots

  • energy gets stuck in corners
  • energy erodes into property, causing long-term health and financial problems
  • poison arrow created by the diagonally opposite property
  • poison arrows from car headlights pointing at the house

feng shui cures

what if you already live in a house on a corner lot?

Solving feng shui problems is very similar to the solutions offered for a house on a dead end street. you’ll want to make sure that the feng shui energy called chi (or “qi”) doesn’t get stuck and that you navigate it slowly to the front door of your home.

start by lowering the crossover power coming into your home. use landscaping features like tall bushes, walls, fences, or even sturdy posts near the front sidewalk (this also helps prevent unsuspecting car drivers from ending up in your living room).

Feng Shui Landscaping for Corner Lots -Trees

Now, add some water and wind features between your curbside and driveway landscaping. try using a pond, pool, water feature, or birdbath. any calm flowing water feature will do. you can also add windmills or other mobile garden elements. adding items like these helps slow down and cool down the incoming chi.

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Next, create a path that winds from the curb to the front door, navigating through the landscaping on the curb and through the garden features to the front door.

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Feng Shui Landscaping for Corner Lots -Fountain

Make sure your front door lighting is inspiring and bright.

As I suggest as a quick cure for t-intercept houses, use a convex bagua mirror on your door to bounce the effects of those poison arrows aiming at your house. it does not need to be visible from the outside.

next steps

You deserve to live a life of abundant wealth and health. make sure your home is providing for you.

remember that the feng shui of corner houses can be very problematic.

don’t ignore them!

If these cures don’t work for you, there may be other feng shui factors related to the interior of your particular home. take the necessary measures because you deserve to live a life of harmony and balance. start by reviewing the feng shui bagua of your home.

If you have any problems along the way or are looking for professional guidance, please contact me. I pride myself on adding harmony and balance without making it feel like a run-down Chinese restaurant in your home. you can get a consultation in person or virtually via video chat.

I am a third generation feng shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices in the style of feng shui. As your consultant, you’ll be able to get personalized advice on how to attract positive energy and improve your life with feng shui. I offer home and virtual services. contact me today!

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