Feng Shui: como utilizar bien los colores en tu oficina

These days most of us are more familiar with the challenges of staying focused and on task while working from home. One way to help yourself get the right energy and head space when working from home is to make sure you have a home office to support you. using feng shui can help you design your work space from home in a way that allows you to bring your most productive self to work.

Whether you have a separate room to use as a home office or have created a nook in your kitchen, you can apply feng shui principles to make the most of your stay.

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colores feng shui para la oficina de casa


Una forma sencilla y eficaz de empezar a trabajar con el feng shui en tu hogar es a través del color. Hay muchas maneras de abordarlo, y si quieres comenzar a jugar con el color en tu espacio y solo quieres un poco de orientación sobre el feng shui, aquí hay algunos colores que generalmente funcionan bien en un entorno de oficina y que te vendrán de perlas.


white is associated with the metal element in the five element color system. the metal element is about being productive. it has to do with your creative output and your ability to complete projects as well.

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If you have procrastination, or if you have a hard time finishing things you start, white is a good color to add to your office design. you can choose true white or off white, depending on what makes the most sense for your space.


Gray is between black and white, and also has the qualities of the metal element. a lighter, cooler gray brings a similar energy to white, making it another great color to promote productivity.

A warmer gray with brown undertones is more earthy and will bring a more calm and steady energy. In feng shui, gray is also connected to helpful people. Adding gray to your office color palette is a way to invite more helpful people into your work life.


The color brown is connected to the earth element in the five-element color system. the earth element is about being grounded and comfortable with it. Different shades of brown, as well as other earth tones, are connected to this element.

colores feng shui para la oficina de casa


Los acabados de madera marrón también representan el elemento tierra, por lo que un escritorio de madera marrón está conectado a la tierra. Si tiendes a sentirte ansioso o preocupado mientras trabajas, añadir el elemento tierra a tu oficina en el hogar puede ayudar a crear más tranquilidad.


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Black is related to the element of water, another of the five elements. water is about seeking wisdom and finding your purpose. the element of water and black are also closely linked to your career. If you feel like you lack clarity about your career or purpose in life, try adding small amounts of black to your office space.

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Like brown, yellow is connected to the earth element. actually, it is the traditional color of earth in feng shui. yellow also evokes the energy of the sun and the feeling of joy. If you crave more calm and harmony, try adding pops of yellow to your home office.


Green is connected to the wood element in the five-element color system. wood is related to growth and action. If you feel that there is little energy in your office space,increasing the energy of wood by adding the color green can helpincrease vitality. For an instant hit of energy in the wood, try working with clean, vibrant greens.

colores feng shui para la oficina de casa



turquoise or teal is between blue and green, and is also connected to the energy of wood. if you are looking for more growth and movement, teal is a great choice. teal, aquamarine and mint green evoke the nature and energy of spring. If you crave a greater connection to nature, adding these shades to your office might be just what you need.


Red is a very powerful and auspicious color in feng shui. it is activating and protective, and is connected to the element of fire. If the power in your office is kind of “off” and you need to change your luck, add a little red to your office decor. A little goes a long way when it comes to this color, so you’ll probably want to try adding it in small doses instead of painting an entire wall red.

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