8 Chinese Feng Shui Items You Should Bring to Your Home For Good Luck

Improving and balancing the ‘qi’ (positive energy) in your home is essential if you want to have a happy or fulfilling life. it keeps your surroundings happy and keeps the people in your life feeling healthy and grounded. but how can you ensure that the energy in your life is full of positivity? well, place chinese feng shui elements in different places. Whether it’s money, personal relationships, or physical health, every aspect of your life shows an upward growth chart.

Chinese feng shui items also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, and with the growing popularity of feng shui in india, people will love you more than ever if they receive this gift from your part.

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so here is the list of the 8 elements of Chinese feng shui that you should know:

1. bamboo

The most commonly found plant in the market- bamboo, is one of those Chinese Feng Shui items that attracts positive energy and also contributes to material wealth in your house.bambooA bamboo plant can be placed in any corner of the house where there is light.

As you can see in this image, a bamboo plant is a great decorator and complements almost any colour. It can be decorated with candles or beautiful showpieces. Especially if decorated with monotones, a bamboo plant adds the perfect amount of colour to your house.bamboo1One of the most popular Chinese Feng Shui items- a bamboo plant

It is believed that if you keep a bamboo plant next to your bedroom or anywhere in your bedroom, you can see a drastic improvement in your personal relationships and even your relationship with yourself.

2. evil eye

One of the most popular Chinese Feng Shui items, an evil eye, can be commonly found on keychains, as pendants, bracelets among other things. For many years now, it has also been considered a rather thoughtful gift. It is known to neutralise negative energy and ward off evil energies. Hanging an evil eye at the entrance of your house is specifically helpful for everyone living in the house.evil-eyeDifferent evil designs available around the world

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As one can see, an evil eye is used in different shapes and formats for people to use. Whether it’s just a keepsake that you can stick to your refrigerator or the entrance of your house or in the form of an eye-catcher, it is very commonly available.evil-eye1Evil eye earrings

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Evil eye earrings are very popular today and are a beautiful gift for your friends and family. While there are many Chinese feng shui items available on the market, this is by far the most admired.

3. turtle

A crystal tortoise is a wonderful item known to bring positivity, longevity, and happiness in your life. It can be placed in your home or your office because it is also a Chinese Feng Shui item that could bring your wealth and material gains. Experts suggest keeping some currency under the tortoise to elevate the positive wealth energies around you.tortoiseOne of the many ways to decorate a tortoise in your bedroom or office

Get a crystal tortoise for your friends or family and give them the gift of love, positivity, and more money. The one in the image is easily available in any gift shop near you.tortoise1One of the many ways to decorate a tortoise in your bedroom or office

There can be many ways to decorate the glass turtle. Since it’s transparent, you can put something colorful underneath it to add a bit of color to the decorative element. something like the roses used in this image.

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4. wind chimes

Anyone who has even a remote interest in this art knows how about Chinese Feng Shui items – wind chimes. The sweet sound of the chime when it’s breezy outside can be rather calming. If you get a wind chime with metal coins, they are excellent to rectify financial losses a person might be going through.windchimesWindchimes available in different colours in the market

Whether indoors or outdoors, wind chimes make for great gifts and add to the beauty of the house. They are available in metal and wood materials.windchimes1Windchimes with Chinese metal coins

Chinese metal coin wind chimes are believed to bring you good luck and positivity in financial matters and instantly solve any money problems you may have.

5. dreamcatcher

Simply doing what the names suggest, dreamcatchers are Chinese Feng Shui items that keep bad dreams away. They are available in many sizes and colours and are supposed to be hung above your bed for best results.dreamcatchersA boho-chic dreamcatcherdreamcatchers1A blue and white dream catcher hanging over the bed

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A wonderful decorative item, dream catchers are all the rage these days and found everywhere you go. resort towns have a remarkably eclectic mix of dreamcatchers available to buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

6. smiling buddha

A joyful figure that will organically put a smile on your face, the spirit of the laughing Buddha creates vibrant and auspicious energy anywhere they’re placed- whether it’s your home or office. laughing-buddhaA golden laughing Buddha idolA golden laughing Buddha idol is a great item to set up in your personal or professional space. It’s vibrant and gorgeous and adds a certain positive aura to your surroundings.laughing-buddha1A set of laughing Buddhas available for gifting

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Probably the oldest Chinese Feng Shui item available in India, this set of Laughing Buddha Idols has been a popular gift since time immemorial.

7. crystal lotus

With a very strong and powerful aura, a crystal lotus is known to create romance and love in your surroundings. It is believed to bring good luck in matters of love if established in a home setting. crystal-lotusA blue crystal lotuscrystal-lotus1A crystal lotus with incense

Whether blue or transparent, a crystal lotus is one of those Chinese feng shui elements that brings love and happiness into your life. place it next to some incense sticks or flowers and feel the instant air of love around you.

8. three-legged frog

To protect your family fortune and monies, the three-legged money frog promises a lifetime of wealth and treasure for you and your loved ones. A lot of Chinese Feng Shui items are known to bring wealth and money. However, this one is one of the most effective ones. three-legged-frogA three-legged frog

The three-legged money frog is now available in different colours and designs to make the item decorative. As you can see here, two different images of a three-legged frog – both very different, yet elegant and classic. three-legged frog1A green coloured three-legged frog

So, which of these items would you pick first to take home? please share your thoughts with us!

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