Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Feng Shui Coins

The Chinese practice of feng shui is known to bring peace, prosperity, and positivity to a person’s life. Whether in interpersonal relationships or professional improvement, using the practices and tools of feng shui, one can achieve great things. one of the most important tools to receive good fortune and abundance are Chinese feng shui coins. Easy to spot, these coins often come attached with a red string and can be hung or stored in different places around the house.

Let’s find out the meaning of Chinese feng shui coins, their importance in a person’s life and the different ways to use them to bring maximum abundance and prosperity to your home and life.

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meaning of Chinese feng shui coins

meaning-of-chinese-coins-feng-shuiChinese coins Feng Shui set on a tea tableThe currency of ancient China, Chinese Feng Shui coins, represent wealth and abundance. In Chinese symbols of good fortune, these coins are on the top 8 items of the list, including stone chime, mirror, book, rhinoceros horn, lozenge, pearl, and leaf. All these symbols are touted to bring good fortune to a person’s life and increase the ‘Qi’ (positive energy) around them for an overall fulfilled and happy life.

As in this image, the Chinese feng shui coins can be placed in different parts of your house. it can be on the tables or even hung outside your room or even in the entrance of your house. Let’s find out more about them.

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Did you know that there are different currencies that were created during different times of Chinese history? The 4 most prominent include the Han dynasty Wuchu coin, the Tang dynasty, the Song dynasty, and the Kang Xi coin. They are usually accompanied by the red chain because red is considered an auspicious color according to the feng shui of Chinese coins. symbolizes protection, vital energy and vitality.

what chinese feng shui coins to buy?

which-chinese-feng-shui-coins-to-buyBuy Chinese coins Feng Shui antique or replicas based on your budgetWhile it is advised to buy authentic antique Chinese Feng Shui coins made of copper, they may sometimes come at a very high cost. So in the purview of affordability, it is best to pick up good quality replicas made of a different metal. You might think that Chinese coins Feng Shui will not be as effective if replicas are purchased, but that’s far from the truth. Made using other materials like jade and gold, if Chinese Feng Shui coins are bought in these materials, they enhance the good energies in your life and bring abundance.

how to best use chinese feng shui coins to bring abundance into your home?

the wealth area

You can use Chinese feng shui coins to activate the wealth area of ​​your home. as soon as you enter the house, the left corner is related to wealth. Based on the use of the compass, the wealth area of ​​the house is in the southeast direction.

front door

front-doorChinese Feng Shui coins hung outside the front door can bring wealth into the houseA very important area in your house to bring abundance and good luck, the front door is where the energy flows in the house. Placing Chinese Feng Shui coins near the front door can attract wealth and money into your home.

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There are commercially available wind chimes with Chinese feng shui coins that can be used as the perfect replacement for simple coins hanging outside your front door.

professional prosperity

career-prosperityTen Chinese Feng Shui coins for career upliftment and prosperityThe area at home where you work is the career zone. Other than that, the desk at which you work is also the place that can be defined as the career zone. Therefore, to bring about good luck and prosperity to this part of your life, it is advised you add Chinese Feng Shui coins here. Ideally, a set of 10 coins in either red or yellow string work best to bring about career abundance and fulfilment.

fun facts about chinese feng shui coins:

1. The Chinese Feng Shui coins can be combined with other Feng Shui symbols like the frog or the book to amplify the magnitude of prosperity and wellness. The Feng Shui money frog is particularly popular when talking of using it with Chinese coins Feng Shui.fun-facts-about-chinese-coins-feng-shuiChinese money frog to attract wealth and abundance

A combination of these symbols is readily available on the market. Although the frog in the image is made of jade, you can also find the same frog in different metals.

2. You should always be mindful of picking out Chinese Feng Shui coins. Some of the authentic, antique ones might be owned by other people before reaching you. All Chinese symbols absorb a part of the individual’s energy, which remains in it unless you cleanse them. So if you purchase Chinese coins Feng Shui, make sure you cleanse them with saltwater. This is particularly true for antique coins, which are in the market for years together and passed on to different people over the years. fun-facts-about-chinese-coins-feng-shui (2)Chinese Feng Shui coins kept in salt for the purpose of cleansing

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what happens if you keep chinese feng shui coins in your wallet?

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