15 Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Placements

Placing a cheerful deity of a feng shui smiling buddha in your home has been proven to bring good luck to your family. The feng shui Laughing Buddha direction must be perfect to achieve the best results. a laughing buddha not only brings good luck but also energizes and heals all sectors of your life in a very positive way. it is believed to strengthen those weak aspects in your life and immensely increase the positivity in your home.

laughing buddha feng shui

meditation buddha

A Buddha idol in a meditation pose has both the palms placed in his lap and his legs are crossed in the lotus position. The face of Buddha in this pose exudes peace and calmness. The eyes of Buddha in this idol are half-closed with a very tiny opening or at times fully closed. As far as the feng shui Laughing Buddha direction is concerned, this should ideally be placed in your prayer room or meditation room. meditation-buddhaMeditation Buddha with a beautiful natural background

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buddha protection

A Buddha idol with its right hand raised with a blessing symbol represents courage as well as offers protection from delusions and fear. The Protection Buddha statue is available in sitting down as well as standing up position and can be placed in any area of the house. protection-buddhaProtection Buddha idol

reclining buddha

A Buddha idol in a reclining position depicts the last moments in the illness of the Shakyamuni Buddha. In this idol, Buddha is seen in a reclining position and his head is supported by the right hand. This statue has a deep meaning as this portrays compassion which usually comes with the enlightenment and also the potential for releasing from the rebirth cycle. This statue needs to be ideally placed lying on the right side and facing towards the west. reclining-buddhaThe Reclining Buddha Idol

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medicine buddha

In the case of a Medicine Buddha, this statue depicts a seated Buddha holding a bowl of herbs very prominently in his left hand that is resting on his lap. The right hand of the Buddha idol is pointed downwards with the fingers extended towards the ground and the palm outward. This idol signifies healing and health and is best for people who are seeking the boon of well-being and good health. meditation-buddhaThe Medicine Buddha

feng shui laughing buddha

This pot-bellied, rotund idol of feng shui laughing Buddha during his later years is the most recognized and in-demand idol of Buddha. This idol is supposed to bring in a lot of happiness as well as prosperity to your house. Rubbing the belly of a feng shui laughing Buddha is believed to bring in more abundance in your life. feng-shui-laughing-buddha (2)Feng shui laughing Buddha

buddha in a zen garden

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If you have enough space in your garden or terrace, then you can create a peaceful Zen garden with a statue of a meditating Buddha set on top of a waterfall. The soothing sound of gurgling water as well as the lush green plants placed around the area makes this an absolutely perfect spot for the purpose of your daily meditation. buddha-in-a-zen-gardenBuddha in a Zen Garden

feng shui laughing buddha in both hands raised pose

This is one of the popular forms of Feng Shui Laughing Buddha and is a must-have. This strongly signifies good luck, happiness and helps in rising above any particular situation that your life throws at you. feng-shui-laughing-buddha-in-the-pose-of-both-the-hands-raisedFeng Shui Laughing Buddha

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smiling buddha with children around

This posture of feng shui Laughing Buddha with children around symbolizes increasing bonding and love with your children and at the same time brings immense amount of luck for those who are planning to conceive.laughing-buddha-with-children-aroundIdol of Laughing Buddha with children

smiling buddha with gold ingots or coins

The idol of feng shui Laughing Buddha with ingots and gold coins is ideally to be placed in your workplace. This is believed to bring a lot of wealth, success and prosperity. laughing-buddha-with-ingots-or-gold-coinsLaughing Buddha with Gold Coins

laughing buddha with a sack

The feng shui Laughing Buddha strongly symbolizes a kind and powerful traveler who is believed to collect people’s troubles and take them away along with him. This strongly signifies a bad of wealth and good fortune. This can be placed anywhere in your home to keep yourself and your family members away from any kind of trouble. laughing-buddha-with-a-sackLaughing Buddha with a sack

smiling buddha with a fan

The feng shui Laughing Buddha holding a fan symbolizes bidding farewell to all your troubles as well as inviting happiness to your life. laughing-buddha-with-a-fanLaughing Buddha with a fan

smiling buddha in the position of holding pearls

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A feng shui Laughing Buddha holding pearls that signifies wisdom and practice meditation with the strong pursuit of attaining enlightenment. If you are seeking peacelaughing-buddha-in-the-position-of-holding-pearlsFeng Shui Laughing Buddha with pearls

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smiling buddha with a wolf

The feng shui Laughing Buddha is gourd-shaped and looks like an hourglass. This idol symbolizes long life, promotes healing and ensures that everyone in your family enjoys good health. laughing-buddha-with-a-wo-luLaughing Buddha with a Wo Lu

laughing buddha with a bowl

The feng shui Laughing Buddha holding a bowl depicts humility, simplicity and values. This idol largely is associated with the pursuit of attaining the much sought-after enlightenment. laughing-buddha-with-a-bowlFeng Shui Laughing Buddha with a bowl

laughing buddha resting

The resting Laughing Buddha idol very strongly denotes tranquility, happiness and a balanced mind which is desired by every family. resting-laughing-buddhaResting Laughing Buddha

Placing a feng shui laughing buddha statue would surely energize all major sectors of your life and bring an immense amount of positivity into your life. The ancient science of feng shui tells us much about the precise placement of a feng shui Laughing Buddha in your home and optimizing the flow of vital energy within your abode.

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