Everything you need to know about the feng shui water fountain

The art and science of feng shui bring harmony, positivity, and good luck and fortune to a place. every space has energy and sometimes this energy can become stagnant and stale, feng shui prevents that from happening and ensures a positive flow of energy in your environment.

This practice uses various tools in the form of home decor items and more, and the water fountain is one of them. it is known to bring luck and positivity home. The feng shui water fountain represents the element of water and constantly flowing water helps shift energy. so if you want to know how a feng shui water feature works and where you should place it for maximum benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

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feng shui water source locations and their meaning

feng shui water fountain at the entrance

feng-shui-water-fountain-at-the-entranceA black marble feng shui water fountain in the entrance area of a housefeng-shui-water-fountain-at-the-entrance1A stone feng shui water fountain in the lobby of a luxurious hotelWhen you place the feng shui water fountain at the entrance of your house you are encouraging harmony and positivity in the surrounding. You can place the fountain both outside and inside the house, however, remember that the flow of the water from the fountain should always face inside. This helps you welcome positive chi inside the house.

the entrance of any house is considered the mouth of qi in feng shui, this is the entrance of opportunities and energies in the home and in our lives, so placing a water fountain in the entrance of your home also will attract wealth to the family.

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feng shui water fountain for abundance or professional part of the home

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feng-shui-water-fountain-for-abundance-or-the-career-part-of-homeA feng shui water fountain placed in the study area of a homefeng-shui-water-fountain-for-abundance-or-the-career-part-of-home1A small tabletop feng shui water fountain that’s great for office or homeIf you want to place your feng shui water fountain inside the house, you would want to place it in the wealthy area of your home or someplace you work, like your study or home office.

The southeast part of your home is your wealthy area, this is where you can use feng shui to improve luck and fortune. Place a fountain here and fill it with two Chinese coins to boost the water’s energy. When you place a feng shui water feature in the north part of your house, you are sure to receive help and support in your career.

out of your house

outside-your-houseAn artistic water fountain made in stone placed in the outdoor seating area of a homeoutside-your-house1A small feng shui water fountain perfect for your home garden or balcony Feng shui need not be limited only to the interiors of your house, you can use feng shui tools like the fountain in areas like your patio or garden and still reap its benefits. A feng shui water fountain in the garden helps maintain harmony and positivity in the place. But, you should not forget that the water from the fountain needs to be flowing in a direction that makes it look like it is entering the house (sans obstacles, of course ).

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things to consider for feng shui water feature

– the fountain should flow and never be still (unless you are cleaning it)- the water in the fountain should flow freely and not have any obstacles like rocks etc. on your way – for prosperity, luck and career advancement, place the fountain in the north part of your house – try placing plants around your fountain for good luck, as the energies of water (fountain) and wood (plants) work well together

things to avoid when using feng shui water fountain

– do not choose a font with sharp edges or corners as it can repel good luck and positive energies. do not place the feng shui water fountain in the bedroom, as it may cause health problems. . you shouldn’t be able to hear the sound of the fountain in your bedroom either. – directly below the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms are also poor locations – do not place two feng shui water fountains in the entryway as it can have the reverse effect: never have a water fountain broken or not working at home

types of feng shui water fountains

wall mounted water fountain

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wall-mounted-water-fountainA stunning feng shui water fountain featuring a lion’s mouthAs the name suggests, these fountains are mounted on the wall. Rectangular or cylindrical in shape, these fountains make for great displays both indoors and outdoors. Made of a variety of materials like metal, stone, glass, and clay they can be used as feng shui tools in your surroundings.

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independent water source

free-standing-water-fountainA small feng shui water fountain in the middle of a lush green garden.Sturdy with a great capacity of water, the free-standing fountains make for great centrepieces in the garden. As seen in the image above, these feng shui water fountains can be made of stone and some even choose marble as their choice of material. These fountains help keep the energy in your garden positive with their constant flow of water.

note: led lights work very well with this type of water feature.

table water fountain

tabletop-water-fountainA feng shui water fountain that is small and portable, perfect for both home and office Made to sit atop tables of desks, these feng shui water fountains are best suited for the study. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit the other decor and help you do better in your career when placed in the work area of your house.

The feng shui water fountain can bring luck, happiness and positivity to your home and surroundings, but you have to be sure where you are placing them and if those places align with what you want. bring home. If this article has been helpful to you and your home, please let us know in the comments below.


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