How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom, Comfortable and Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

modern bathroom design can be not only functional and comfortable, but also can help feng shui become a home for wealth. Water is one of the five feng shui elements, reflecting the beauty of the natural environment. According to feng shui, the water element is associated with the flow of energy that brings wealth, health and money, which is why good feng shui ideas for bathroom decoration are important for feng shui, a home for wealth. /p>

Water helps to concentrate wealth. good feng shui placements and color schemes, the shape and proportion of bathrooms, interior design materials and decorative accessories are all very important ingredients in creating a beautiful bathroom design that helps feng shui to be a home for wealth.

The north side is an ideal place for a swim. it is good feng shui to locate the bathroom away from the living room and keep the bathroom door invisible from any bedroom or kitchen.

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feng shui for bathroom interiors

how to design and decorate bathrooms with feng shui

Light bathroom colors and wall mirrors, bathroom decorating ideas to Feng Shui for wealth

Separated bathroom and toilet are ideal for good Feng Shui. The two functional zones can be divided by a decorative screen or partition wall design.

1. placement of bathroom fixtures

Small bathroom design and fixtures placement
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A bathtub should be placed on the south-western side, and toilet should be placed on the southern side of a room. A bathroom sink should allow a person washing hands see the bathroom door. A mirror reflecting the bathroom door is an effective Feng Shui cure that helps create good Feng Shui for a bathroom.

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15 feng shui tips for bathroom design and decoration

2. bathroom color schemes to feng shui for wealth

Red, black, brown and dark gray color tones should be avoided as they are interior colors that attract negative energy. Light bathroom colors, nice pastels, and water-inspired room colors are all good feng shui color choices for bathroom design.

Light bathroom colors to Feng Shui for wealth

Light blue colors, turquoise blue and green colors, pink, peach, white, creamy white and yellow color shades, silver and light wood colors are good to Feng Shui bathroom interiors.

feng shui colors to attract good luck

feng shui color for home design and decoration

3. shapes and sizes

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Avoiding sharp edges and angles by using round and oval shapes are good feng shui ideas. square shapes and solid bathroom furniture symbolize negative chi energy. all objects in a bathroom interior should resemble the shape of a circle, an ellipse, or feature smooth curved lines.

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Smooth surfaces and soft curves, good Feng Shui for bathroom design

4. Bathroom design materials

Natural bathroom design materials are a feng shui idea for wealth. ceramic tiles, marble, glass, and natural stone with smooth, flat surfaces reflect light and help increase the flow of positive chi energy. wooden bathroom furniture and light textiles can be used in small sizes, it is necessary that they are always clean, since dust is associated with negative energy. metal elements (bathroom faucets, towel rails, curtain rods) create a positive effect while enhancing the functionality of the bathroom design.

Natural bathroom design materials, light wood, ceramic and glass

5. Bathroom mirrors

spacious small bathroom decorated with mirrors

Mirrors absorb positive and negative energy. mirrors harmonize the environment and bring balance to bathroom interiors. Divided into sections, cracked or scratched mirrors should be removed from a bathroom for feng shui, a home for wealth. Two mirrors can be placed side by side. round, oval or freeform bathroom mirrors are ideal for feng shui bathroom design.

Beautiful bathroom mirror in oval shape to Feng Shui for wealth

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