Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: Dos and Don&039ts

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is about achieving balance and creating a healthy environment. Adopted by the Western world in the 20th century, it has been enjoying a renaissance as we look for ways to make our homes meet our needs during the pandemic. Nowhere is this more important than in the bedroom, where we seek ultimate refuge from a demanding world.

“It’s very important to create a safe, sacred space to reconnect with ourselves and rebuild our energy,” says feng shui expert priya sher, who advises bed sos bed specialists.

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In simple terms, feng shui focuses on spatial arrangement and the flow of chi/qi (energy). ‘it’s about building a deeper relationship with our surroundings to be fully present in our space,’ says rosie axford, co-founder of interiors company wicklewood. ‘this makes a lot of sense right now’.


There are many schools of feng shui, from simple interior advice to complex full home evaluations that take into account everything from the age of the building to the birthdays of the occupants. ‘simply put, it’s about maximizing your potential by balancing the energy of your space,’ says priya. ‘the bedroom is a space in which we spend about a third of our lives. therefore, it is vital to have the energy in this space balanced so that we can recharge our own energy.’

before you start

In feng shui, the bedroom is a ‘yin’ or calm space. its main purpose is to recharge our energy while we sleep. the bed is key. this should be placed with the head against the wall with space around both sides and the foot to allow the energy to flow freely. headboards should have smoother edges, with no sharp edges at the base of the bed. If possible, it should be made of fabric, as it provides a softer, cozier and more relaxing feel,” says BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) interior designer Amalia Boier.

amalia would always avoid placing a bed under the window or on the same wall as the front door as this can unconsciously create feelings of insecurity and could make you feel threatened or insecure.

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symmetry is also vital. ‘opt for two bedside tables, two lamps, two cushions, even if you’re not in a relationship,’ says rosie.

For optimal balance, include aspects of all five elements: wood, metal, fire, air, water, and earth in the bedroom. wood symbolizes growth and vitality. furniture adds this element, but is also associated with rectangular and columnar shapes. metal, which supports knowledge, can be incorporated through picture frames, white, gray and metallic shapes and spherical objects.

the earth symbolizes stability and balance. Bring this in through rocks, crystals, and landscape artwork, plus flat or square shapes with soft edges, like a rug in earth tones of brown or orange. water, which represents wisdom and serenity, can be reflected in carefully placed mirrors and curvilinear shapes. fire, the element of passion, also means energy; bring candles and triangle shapes to create this.

customize feng shui to your needs

• encourage intimacy and good communication in a couple’s bedroom

placing two nightstands on either side of the bed provides support and balance for a couple, says priya: ‘a softly scented candle on each table will encourage romance. Also, leave room on both sides of the bed for each of you to walk around, this helps create room for the relationship to grow.’

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If possible, place a romantic photograph or piece of art on the southwest wall of the room, but hang your favorite photo somewhere in the room. a touch of red brings passion – a piece of art or an object like a vase is good for this. but get the family photos out and keep this space just the two of you, says rosie. do not entertain a single memory of previous relationships. she recommends placing a small bowl of rice on a shelf to remove any lingering negative energy.

nick sunderland of ns interiors, a member of the british institute of interior design (biid) who uses feng shui in his practice, likes to place a couple of objects, such as two mandarin ducks or love birds, animals that are they mate for life. in the back right corner of a bedroom. these objects represent a successful association.

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However, remove or cover large mirrors, especially if occupants can see themselves in bed. this is believed to drain the energy of the relationship.

• focus on parenting and self-care

if you sleep alone, place the bed in what is called a “support” position, ideally almost diagonally away from the bedroom door, priya says: “place two nightstands to provide balance, then place a plant Orchid on the nightstand in the corner diagonal to the door This is a pulse point to support health Place a rose quartz crystal on each table for personal care Earth tone and deep pink décor are good for nurturing energy if you sleep alone.’

In addition, Rosie suggests avoiding photos or artwork with individual people or objects; instead, simply hang a couple of matching prints.

• achieving balance in a bedroom that doubles as a home office

Too often, our bedrooms end up as multifunctional spaces that lack a sense of restful calm. Working in your bedroom isn’t recommended from a feng shui perspective, but if you have no choice, make sure you have a closet where you can store all your work after hours, Priya says: “If you have a desk in your bedroom can place a screen to separate the two areas.’

opt for neutral and natural tones, as they promote relaxation. Also, remove blue-light and electronic devices, such as TVs, laptops, tablets, and cell phones, from the bedroom well before bedtime. ‘and try to avoid the accumulation of books that can keep your mind active and make it difficult to switch off’. Rose adds. ‘make sure the only books in your room are the ones you’re reading.’

• promote restful sleep for a person who has difficulties with insomnia and sleep patterns

again, remove all electronic devices and clear the space under your bed. Priya says that storing items under the bed is a big no-no: “Your own energy needs to flow through it while you sleep, which can’t happen with lots of items hidden underneath.”

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invest in blinds instead of heavy drapes, advises wayfair resident style consultant nadia mccowan hill, as you can easily adjust them, creating a zen-like atmosphere in seconds. and cover the windows, says amalia, especially at night: ‘this prevents bad chi (energy) from entering the room during sleeping hours’.

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the best colors and textures

For a soothing bedroom that promotes relaxation and recalibration, decorate it in soothing shades of lilac and gray, says Nadia. ‘opt for tactile fabrics, ideally organic, and introduce sleep-promoting scents like lavender to promote healthy sleep patterns.’

simon tcherniak, senior designer at neville johnson, says he’s seeing a move away from stark white in bedrooms as we seek a more enriching environment: “muted, almost pastel tones add a sense of maturity and calm to a space, and are a great alternative to cream, brown and grey.’

feng shui bedroom: what to avoid

• pure white everywhere, it’s too severe.

• flashy, bright hues like red or neon; Priya says that these can over-activate energy and cause discomfort.

• abundance of plants; Its energy is thought to be too strong and growth-oriented for the bedroom space and can interfere with relaxation, Amalia says.

• Heavy cast iron or metal headboards as they unbalance the flow of energy.

• sharp corners: threatening, says rosie.

• anything large or threatening, such as a large closet. their presence can feel oppressive and domineering.

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