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essential tips, theory and types of plants to maximize the positive energy of feng shui in the bathroom

Even though modern bathrooms can be sparkling clean, spa-like places of healing, self-care and relaxation, they are still associated with negative energy in feng shui. Fortunately, there are many bathroom plants that can help neutralize negativity and keep your bathroom a space for beauty and rejuvenation. Here we will guide you through the essential principles of feng shui in the bathroom and discover 8 of the best houseplant options for this space.

the best plants for the bathroom in feng shui

The bathroom in feng shui is often considered a place where energy sources become lost and stagnant due to the multitude of drains and the free-flowing nature of the water element present. Plants like golden pothos and fern plants have the ability to renew, replenish and balance these energy losses, making them a great choice for bathrooms.

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about the bathroom in feng shui

The principles and practices of feng shui are thousands of years old, meaning they were developed long before the invention of plumbing, running water, and the modern indoor bathroom. feng shui was born when people still used latrines and toilets that were located outside the home. As a result, bathrooms in feng shui are traditionally associated with places of potential illness and dirt.

Although today’s bathrooms are a far cry from the old hole in the ground, in modern feng shui the bathroom can still represent a source of negative energy in the home. this bad energy must be carefully balanced with elements that attract positive energy. this room is also strongly associated with the element of water which represents prosperity and the flow of energy.

The bathroom, with its strong water feature and all of its drains, is considered a place where energy from the home can escape down the drain or “discharge.” this can make it a low energy or negative energy space and also a place where positive energies can escape.

general ways to improve the energy of your bathroom

decorate with the wood element

The water element feeds into or is absorbed by the wood element in feng shui, so incorporating lots of wood element décor into your bathroom will help balance all of the water.

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Fill your color palette with light and bright neutrals and lots of greens. consider using bamboo bath rugs and of course add some strategically selected plants.

keep it clean and tidy

Clutter, clutter, and lack of cleanliness produce negative energy in any space, but they’re especially bad in rooms where you strive to create harmony and calming energy.

Sterilize your bathroom surfaces regularly. Also, try to keep your counters clear, store clothes in the laundry room, and remember that hiding a mess won’t erase your energy. so keep your closets organized too.

make sure everything works

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Just like other areas of your home, it’s important to keep things running smoothly to keep energy flowing freely throughout the space. If you have a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or a loose tile, the negative energy in your bathroom will get even more trapped in that space.

close the door

In feng shui, you should always keep the bathroom door closed. this will prevent positive energies from other parts of your home from leaking into the bathroom and will also prevent negative energy from the bathroom from infiltrating other areas of the house.

the role of feng shui plants in the bathroom

In feng shui, the purpose of placing plants in the bathroom is to balance negative energy while promoting feelings of peace, healing, and calm to create a more pleasant, spa-like atmosphere.

Because of the natural negative energy of the bathroom and its function as an energy outlet, it is very important to focus on incorporating plants that can absorb negative energy while helping to create a desirable atmosphere in the room.


Plants also represent the wood element, which is fueled by the water element. Placing plants in the bathroom provides a positive outlet for the energy of the water, instead of letting it escape from the house.

While plants can be a positive addition to your bathroom décor, you should never place plants in the bathroom that represent energies you don’t want escaping the house. for example, putting a money tree on top of the toilet would be like throwing your wealth and prosperity overboard.

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the best plants for the bathroom in feng shui

here you will find 8 of the best houseplants to boost positive energy in the bathroom according to the fundamental principles of feng shui:

1. golden pothos

if you choose only one plant for your bathroom, choose this one. The golden pothos is the quintessential feng shui bathroom plant because it has a strong positive energy that neutralizes the strong negativity in the bathroom. Although the golden pothos is commonly known as a money plant, it does not represent wealth or luck in feng shui. this makes it a good option for the bathroom where the energy is drawn from the house because it will not cause prosperity to leave your house.

2. lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo has rapid upward growth and also represents reversing bad fortune, making it perfect for fighting bad energies in the bathroom.

3. ferns

If you often think better of yourself in the shower, then Wisdom Drawing Ferns are a good choice for you. Ferns do well in conditions of high humidity and medium to low light, which makes them perfect for the bathroom since this room is often the most humid in the house and typically has no windows or window coverings.

4. snake plant

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The snake plant offers a strong energy of wood that blends perfectly with the energy of bathwater. Plus, its upward-pointing leaves offer uplifting energy that helps clear heavy or stagnant negative energy from the bathroom.

5. eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a wonderful plant to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Whether you keep a potted plant on your countertop or hang a bouquet of dried eucalyptus leaves in the shower for a relaxing aromatherapy experience, this plant is a bathroom feng shui powerhouse.

6. peace lily

The peace lily and its white flowers symbolize purity. this plant attracts the perfect energy to help neutralize the negativity associated with bathing. Plus, it offers real air-purifying benefits by removing toxins from the air.

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7. areca palm

The areca palm is one of the most popular feng shui plants due to its ability to attract large amounts of strong positive energy to almost any space. this makes it perfect for ending potential negativity in the bathroom.

8. vertical garden

This isn’t exactly a plant, but vertical gardens using pocket pots or even hanging plants are a good option for the bathroom where keeping clutter (and negative energy) under control is important. A vertical garden allows you to reap the benefits of the positive energy of plants and “paint” the walls green with the wood element, all while saving space on your counter.

plants to avoid placing in the bathroom

You should be careful not to place plants in the bathroom that symbolize important aspects of your life, such as wealth, family, romance or relationships. these plants could draw those energies into the bathroom, where they could be sucked out of the house or end up negatively affected by the room’s potential to generate bad energy.

Some plants to avoid include fruit-bearing plants, flowering plants such as orchids, jade plants, or money trees.

Also, avoid displaying plants like cacti and succulents in the bathroom. pointed profiles and sharp spines can amplify negative energy within a bathroom. Also, these plants generally don’t do well in humidity, which will make it difficult to keep them healthy, further exacerbating your bad feng shui.

neutralize negative energy with plants in your bathroom

When selecting plants for your bathroom, remember to stay positive and calm. this will help you create a space that feels more like a spa than a bathroom by cultivating a space for healing, self-care, and relaxation.

bathroom feng shui plants frequently asked questions:

feng shui plants and the home

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