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eight houses feng shui also called eight mansions feng shui is one of the easiest and most popular methods used to determine the good and bad locations of a house, to analyze if it is compatible with the house and to find out its favorable and personal directions inauspicious conditions that promote productivity at work and in relationships, good health, and successful academic pursuits.

there are many aspects in eight house feng shui that have sophisticated formulas for recognizing sha (dangerous) qi (ch’i) from any given direction, looking at the poor structure of the earth in a specific location based on the trigram of the house and the water of the eight houses. method to name just a few.

The easiest way is to calculate your own life gua number according to the year you were born, thus identifying your four auspicious and four inauspicious directions, as well as identifying your house trigram and locating the four auspicious locations and the four auspicious locations. four unfavorable within your home.

In eight house feng shui, a house is divided into nine palaces (sectors), one in the center and eight of which correspond to the eight magnetic directions. these palaces are north, south, east, west (cardinal directions), northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest (intercardinal directions).

Each of the eight magnetic directions contains a different type of qi (energy) that will favorably or unfavorably influence the respective palace and the person who lives in it. In other words, the harmonics of qi from a given direction can be in harmony or out of tune with the harmonics of your own gua life.

To find which qi resides in which palace of the house, we need to find out which direction the house/apartment/office faces.

How do I know which address my house/apartment is at?

It’s easy if the front door (or frequently used door) is located on the same side as the front of the house, but this is not a standard rule for determining the front of a house.

michael hanna wrote an extensive article on how to determine orientation and location directions for a property. this is an article one must read before embarking on the application of any feng shui formula.

what are the good and bad locations of my house?

The formula is quite easy, but first we must find the trigram (gua) of the property.

First, let’s look at the eight types of houses in the sky after ba gua.

There are eight types of houses named according to their sitting position. for example, if your house faces 178º south, this will make the house a kan house. sits north and faces south.

The eight types of houses are:

a li house stands to the south and faces north. a chen house stands to the east and faces east. a solar house is located to the southeast and faces northwest a kan house is located to the north and faces south.

a chien house is located northwest and faces southeast a tui house is located west and faces east a gen house is located northeast and faces southwest a kun house is located southwest and faces northeast.

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These eight types of houses are grouped into two groups: the east house and the west house. their correlation within the group derives mainly from the i-ching, (also spelled yi-jing) characterization of the ‘six relatives’ and also from the interactions of the five phases (elements).

east house group

house li, house chen, house of the sun and house kan

west house group

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casa chien casa tui casa gen y casa kun

In general, the four associated directions of the house trigrams are the four auspicious locations.

for example, the four good locations for an east group li house are south, north, southeast, and east, and a west group chien house are northwest, southwest, northeast, and west.

The four auspicious places are called Sheng Chi, Tien Yi, Yan Nian, and Fu Wei. the four inauspicious places are called ho hai, wu kwei, lui sha, and chueh ming.

** Please note that the names provided for the locations are mere symbols. it does not represent that if your door is located in the direction or location of chueh ming there will be calamities or that if your room is located in the location of the five ghosts, you will experience apparitions.

the four auspicious directions that will bring different types of good fortune and their meanings are:

The four unfavorable directions and locations to be strongly avoided are:

where are the good and bad locations in my house?

The eight house types and their respective good and bad locations are listed below.

a kan house is oriented from 157.5º to 202.5º south this is one of the two ideal houses facing east as it is in a good location and is oriented in a good address for a person from the east group.

a Chen house is oriented from 247.5º to 292.5º west

a solar house is oriented from 292.5º to 337.5º northwest

a li house is oriented from 337.5º to 22.5º north this is one of the two ideal east facing houses as it is in a good location and is oriented in a good address for a person from the east group.

a chien house is oriented from 112.5º to 157.5º southeast

a kun house is oriented 22.5º to 67.5º northeast this is one of the two ideal western directional houses as it is in a good location and faces a good direction for a person from the west group.

a tui house looks from 67.5º to 112.5º east

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a gen house is oriented 202.5º to 247.5º southwest this is one of the two ideal western directional houses as it is in a good location and faces a good direction for a person from the west group.

Am I compatible with my house?

Like houses, people are also divided into east and west groups. ideally, a person from the east group should live in an east type house and a person from the west group should live in a west type house, which would allow him to make good use of the favorable sectors of the house. the orientation of the house walls will also allow you to sit facing one of your good directions.

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To know if the house is oriented in your favor or not, we need to know your gua number.

what’s my gua number?

To know which group you belong to, we need to know your gender and the month and year of your birth. The table below provides a quick reference to your birth guide.

Important note: According to the Chinese solar calendar (hsia li), if you are born between January and February 5 of the Gregorian calendar, you are considered to have been born the previous year in the Chinese solar calendar. Take a look at the table below and you’ll see what I mean.

click here to see the gua number quick reference table & for good and bad addresses

if you are a guide 1 person, you belong to the eastern group type and your four auspicious personal directions are southeast for wealth, east for health, south for relationships, and north for personal development. you should try to avoid the southwest and northwest at all costs and the northeast and west if you can.

Eight mansions function in your staff, four favorable directions and four unfavorable directions according to your gua number. for example, the location of doors plays a large role in determining the quality of feng shui experienced in a property.

  1. make sure your front door is oriented to match your most auspicious direction (sheng chi). when looking to buy a home, office, or apartment, look for one whose front door faces this direction.
  2. You’ll also find it beneficial if the doors leading to your bedroom, den, or office also face one of your personal auspicious directions. refer to the chart above for your most auspicious direction (sheng chi). for example, if you are a gua 1 person, your sheng chi direction is southeast, gua 2 sheng chi direction is northeast, and so on.
  3. orient your work desk in your study or office to that it is in front of one of your good personal addresses. the sheng chi direction is best for work, but if you can’t maneuver your desk in this direction, facing one of the good directions will work fine.
  4. arrange your desk so your child is facing to one of your good addresses when studying at home in the library or study. teenagers studying for exams should face your sheng chi direction, while young children should face your fu wei direction.
  5. sleep with the head of the bed facing your yan nian or tien direction yi if possible; otherwise, one of your four auspicious directions will do if you’re limited by space and the orientation of the walls.

Are my spouse/partner’s gua numbers different from mine?

  1. The lining of the front door should favor the breadwinner.
  2. And if both spouses work? in this case, the direction of the front door or the direction to sleep should favor the spouse whose gua opposes the house trigram.

addresses are more important than location.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of finding the house that suits our gua, and finding the right house becomes more complicated when both spouses belong to the different groups of East and West.

Just remember that addresses are more important than locations. As long as you sit and sleep following one of your good directions, you are practicing positive feng shui.

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Living in a home where the house trigram is not favorable to your personal gua number is not a disaster. This does not mean that you will not enjoy good feng shui and that everything you do will be downhill from now on. it simply suggests that you can only enjoy about 70% of the property’s good qi.

beware of annual afflictions

as you know, energies are in a constant state of transformation and therefore, we notice that our well-being differs from one year to another. what causes this? There are several answers to this, but one basic explanation is annual afflictions.

No matter how auspicious a palace (location) is, if it is affected by an annual affliction, you will see subtle changes in the well-being of the family during the year, especially if the annual afflictions affect active palaces such as the gatehouse, the master bedroom, the living room or a teenager’s room.

These afflictions are the five yellow, the three kills, and the tai sui. its influences can cause obstacles, diseases, difficulties and disharmony.

Below is a general guide on how to apply Eight Mansions to your daily life.

  1. try your best to sit facing one of your good directions according to your personal gua number.
  2. depending on the problems you want to improve, sleep with your head pointing to the respective good addresses. sheng chi for prosperity, tien yi for health, yan nien for relationships, and fu wei for harmony and personal development. fu wei is the direction for younger children to take, as it harbors an energy of growth that will benefit them. Generally speaking, you are doing well as long as you are facing one of the good personal directions.
  3. Keep an eye out for the locations of the annual afflictions. the five yellow ones can be tracked by the annual flying stars. five yellow was located in the central palace in 2004 and will move to the northwest palace in 2005.

The above methods are only part of the eight house system of feng shui. eight house feng shui consists of many advanced and sophisticated methods.

There are other more powerful feng shui systems that require keen observations of the structure of the ground around your home, how to analyze the quality of the energy around you, and how it can affect it. this requires an understanding of the quality of energy in a given space at a given time. there are also formulas dedicated exclusively to water flow called ‘water dragon classics’.

As you can see, these are particular formulas that are extremely technical. With this in mind, you will see that eight house feng shui does not play an exclusive role in analyzing the quality of feng shui on your property. eight house feng shui is just one of many aspects of feng shui analysis of a property.

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