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Among the various auspicious paintings that Chinese businessmen and homeowners love to hang in living rooms and offices, the painting of the 8 horses is one that would often be considered.

This work of art actually has a proper name called ba jun tu (八骏图) which can be loosely translated as image of 8 steeds.

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and is usually considered together with other prosperity paintings such as the 100 birds, koi fish, mountain scenery, etc. which actually say a lot about how much you hold yourself in high regard.

While a single horse has great symbolism, 8 horses actually have their own meaning and symbolism.

The 8 Horses feng shui painting is actually a reference to the 8 steeds that accompanied King Mu of the Zhou Dynasty (周穆王) when he traveled Mount Kunlun. he was a transformative ruler who reigned for 55 years and brought about changes and reforms from which the people benefited greatly.

These 8 horses were said to represent the courage and virtues of what the revered king embodies.

These 8 horses were named:

  • hua liu (骅骝) is a red horse with a black mane
  • lu er (騄耳) is a yellow-green horse
  • chi ji (赤骥) is a red horse
  • bai xi (白羲) is a pure white horse
  • qu huang (渠黄) is a yellow horse
  • yu lun (逾轮) is a purple horse
  • dao li (盗骊) is a pure black horse
  • shan zi (山子) is an off-white horse
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hua liu is associated with luck in business, lu er is related to status, chi ji is related to wealth, bai xi represents longevity and love, qu huang is the epitome of wisdom, yu lun it is a horse capable of running a thousand li, dao li is a dark horse that can take advantage of any situation, shan zi is a symbol of happiness and harmony.

Several renowned artists have created their own versions of the 8 Horses painting.

As time went on, artwork depicting the 8 horses slowly began to make their attributes a part of how they are illustrated. many incorporate poems and meaningful calligraphy as well.

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however, its symbolism remains the same.

To get off track a bit, a different number of horses can have different meanings and symbolism associated with them. These are some of the most common.

a horse can refer to the tribute horse as mentioned above or represent leading the charge as in the phrase yi ma dang xian (一马当先).

three horses symbolize conspiracy and betrayal as in san ma tong cao (三马同槽) with historical reference to the conspiracy of the members of 3 sima (司马) who usurped the kingdom of cao wei (曹魏). it can also refer to the uprising and revolution with reference to the 3 ma (马) warriors who fought against the revered cao cao (曹操).

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four horses represents being so advanced that it is unattainable as in the idiom si ma nan zhui (驷马难追). victory is assured.

Five horses can be associated with a painful punishment of death with 5 horses severing the guilty person’s head and limbs (五马分尸).

six horses are associated with beauty as in the phrase liu ma yang mo (六马仰秣) where the horse is attracted to music that it is too distracted to feed.

nine and ten horses may refer to the phrase shi ma jiu gui (十马九贵), which is a reference to a luxurious life.

It goes without saying that paintings with 3 or 5 horses should be avoided at home and in the office.

placement of painting of 8 horses

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Because this is a generally auspicious painting, it can be placed in common areas and offices without reference to directions.

but the orientation should not be for horses to look directly at an area to sit or rest.

When a desk is installed in a command position, the painting is best placed behind the seat to support the incumbent.

Otherwise, they can also be placed in the South to solicit promotions and business recognition, or in the Northwest to attract mentors and powerful partners into your life. Northern location can aid in professional development.

South is also where the horse zodiac resides in Chinese astrology.

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sometimes homeowners decide to opt for figurines instead of paintings.

In this case, horse figurine sets that are designed with the ba jun tu in mind would generally use the posture of the horses to individually identify each horse.

Some bazi experts might also recommend placing it at your traveling horse’s star location to attract travel luck.

Remember that horses should not face the front door, as this would encourage them to run out of the house and take all your good luck with them.

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