10 Feng Shui Horse Paintings for Your Home

Horses are a symbol of success, strength, fidelity, stability, courage, movement and resistance. according to vastu shastra, the image of the seven lucky horses, 7, feng shui speaks of vitality, and its constant presence around us will encourage us to move forward. Hanging a picture of horses running or moving in the house is believed to bring positivity to your place according to vastu shastra. Let’s take a look at distinctive types of horse paintings.

feng shui horse paintings

lucky seven 7 horses feng shui image

feng shui horses represent strength and success. A feng shui painting of seven lucky horses in your home is believed to guarantee financial stability in your life, while painting seven horses in your office guarantees job advancement, success in your business, and financial stability in your life. .

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The direction and placement of the painting of the seven horses is very crucial. When hanging a painting of seven horses, one should make sure that it belongs to one’s house i.e. the horses should be moving inside your house. It should be hung on the east or south wall of your house or office.lucky-seven-7-horses-picture-feng-shuiHorse to bring prosperity

painting of galloping horses

In vastu, it is considered that painting a galloping horse in your office or cabin increases your luck when facing challenges at business or work. Horses represent courage, strength, power, speed, and endurance. Hanging a galloping horse painting on the south wall of your office fulfills all your aspirations – recognition, fame, promotion, victory and steady & rapid growth and brings success in life and career.galloping-horses-paintingGalloping horse to bring recognition and fame

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golden feng shui horse

The golden horse in feng shui is a tribute horse. it is believed that he placed his foot on a bed of coins and treasure. this represents good fortune, wealth, stability, control, vitality, and nobility. The ideal place to keep this horse painting is in the south corner of the room or office to gain mobility and bring the desired respect, fame and popularity in life.

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Good luck and fortune can be achieved by keeping this horse on your desktop. People who are concerned about the competitive nature of their career and want to ensure the best results in their racing can make use of this horse to bring good fortune.

feng-shui-golden-horseSymbol of respect and popularity

painting of eight horses

the eight horse feng shui painting is used to bring recognition, fame, dynamism, victory and promotion in your life and career. the eight careers of life represent the eight aspirations of life, that is, recognition, children, health, career, personal development, education, marriage and happiness.

It is recommended to hang a horse painting in the fame field (south), as well as in the career field (north). Painting eight running horses in the living room near the entrance to the house brings wealth and good fortune to your house. eight-horses-paintingHorse painting to bring success in career

feng shui fly on horse

the feng shui fly on the horse is nothing more than a version of the victory horse that can be used to build a large fly on its back to increase the flow of good energy and enhance the scope of opportunities in life professional. the fly horse combination is exclusive to design and decoration in many ways because it helps you climb the ladder of success and bring better opportunities and keep winning.

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This Feng Shui Horse can be placed in the northern side on your work desk to win the adversities of life and gain opportunities. It also helps maintain your relationship with office colleagues.feng-shui-fly-atop-horseHorse picture to bring stability in relationship

horse in motion

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Images or statues of a single horse in motion can strengthen your power and bring goodwill. Horse in motion signifies forward motion, prosperity, growth or promotion, loyalty, endurance and success. A galloping horse or horse can keep you focused and on the road to success. horse-in-motionHorse picture to maintain your focus

red horse

Rapid red horses represent the masculine energy of continuity, and thus aggressively improve your business by increasing reputation, cash flow, and fame through a steady stream of jobs. Horses depicted in large groups – often three, five, seven or eight are symbols of victory and strength. Horses in groups should be running or walking together as a symbol of partnership, or joint strength.red-horseThe symbol of partnership

white horse

Riding white horses ensures a good and easy income of money. Feng Shui horse helps to overcome obstacles related to financial issues, as white represents stability and harmony. A pair of white galloping horses on the floor can be placed in the north or northwest direction. A horse figurine can be made of a wide range of materials including wood, metal, ceramic or as a painting.white-horseHorse picture to help overcome obstacles

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jumping horse

Home buyers can also place a jumping horse that has the right foot stamping posture along with a lifted tail on a table, desk and other suitable locations. The decorated jumping horse can be quite a fortunate omen and stamping and tail lifting ensure success. Choose horses to come from the left side or come to the front. Horses should display joy but not anger. It must reflect happiness.jumping-horseThe symbol of happiness

tribute horse feng shui couple

A Feng Shui pair of tribute horses carrying a gold ingot on their back is a really valuable tribute horse that brings victory and fame over rivals. It also brings awards and facilitates fruitful opportunities in life. Keeping this horse pair in the south on a raised platform can bring immense luck.feng-shui-pair-of-tribute-horseHorse picture that ensures victory and fame

Horse painting placement can bring both positivity and negativity into your life. so please take a look at it before you hang it anywhere. combining vastu and feng shui can be difficult, but if done the right way, the benefits are doubled. constipation problems. Also, consult a specialist to ensure you get the desired benefits from placing a vertical colored painting in the correct position and place.

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